Foto Friday: Bows and Smiles

Nothing too exciting this week other than this gorgeous baby and her 
beautiful smiles and precious outfits! Does anyone ever feel like their baby
dresses better than them on most days? She's just SO fun to dress! 

We also finally used the cloth diaper sample kit I ordered.
She's in it right now actually. I keep running into problems with it
and I think now she is too big for this sample. So I'm not sure my feelings about it yet.
I want so badly to love it. 

Follow me on instagram to see the back of my baby's
head since daddy doesn't really want her photos on all sorts 
of social media sites. So you get cute glimpses of her life through
feet, toes, fingers and back of head shots. She's still so cute though. 
We've had a fun week of playing outside and some swinging at Gigi's. 

We decorated for Fall this week -- but I'll show those photos later. 
Daddy is off this weekend before he starts a lot of work with no days off, 
so we plan on enjoying it to the fullest. 

Make sure to linkup and tell me about your week!

Happy Foto Friday!
xoxo, Sasha

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