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Hey y'all, my name is Sasha and I am The Mushy Mommy! TMM was founded in 2012 while I was expecting my first daughter. It became my place to blog about pregnancy and life before my baby arrived. In a sense over time, my blog has become my "baby" too. 

Soon after I had my baby, so many instincts in me kicked in that I wasn't aware of. I was always natural minded, but I really started to take note at everything around us. TMM quickly became a popular green living, mommy blog that was a portal for mothers to find all sorts of rambles on motherhood, breastfeeding, eco friendly living, essential oils, etc... and I began to change the way in which I lived. 

Soon before baby two arrived, I decided to pursue my longtime dream of owning my own business AND continuing to stay at home with my children by opening an online store to sell the brands and products I was so passionate about. We ran our webstore for three years before moving onto new things. We had so many dear customers who really supported us and we are forever grateful for that time. 

But I still wanted something else...

My joy is in supporting others and lifting up mothers on their hard days. My goal is to show moms it is easy to live a little bit more simply and naturally but that there is also grace for yourself. Grace to indulge in your favorite bag of cookies. Grace on your worst days with little patience. And grace when you feel like you're sinking in your role as mother. 

Along the way, my love for chemical free living has poured over into a growing essential oils team of ladies who I have built a fun community with. I'm an executive with Young Living essential oils and I love my oils! I love sharing them and helping others. I love rising up a community of natural wellness and supporting families to kicking some toxins out of their life little by little. 

While the community I am building with my team and my blog is natural minded, there is room for everyone. This blog is a support blog for ALL mamas - not just us "crunchy" ones. This is also a place for ALL voices, so please send in your birth stories and rambles on mom life. I would love to feature you! We ask you to share any birth story, breastfeeding journey or more with us. Email us at to learn more about having your story on our blog. 

I hope you enjoy your visit here. Pour a glass of wine and join me on this journey of motherhood my friend. It'll be a good one! For more information about joining our community, please see the Essential Oils tab

Sasha, The Mushy Mommy

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