10 Oils for Moms

This batch of oils are great for supporting your emotions, sleep and hormones. Use them to relieve anxiousness, promote zen and help you get a better night of sleep.

This batch of oils are great for supporting your emotions, sleep and hormones. Use them to relieve anxiousness, promote zen and help you get a better night of sleep.

Let’s face it, motherhood isn’t easy. We often need all of the unicorn magic, fairy dust and rainbows to make it through each day. But since those things don’t really exist, I’ll just settle on some good oils, lots of prayers and a cheap glass of wine.

When it comes to oils and motherhood there are countless oils we can use for our day. Whether it’s oils for emotions, oils for sleep or even oils for our teething babies, there are many ways in which we can have a tool box of support for our day to day role as MOM.

So today I am going to highlight my top 10 oils that I insist every mother should have on hand. There are so many wonderful oils and several that I have left off here, but dang these are mostly just the oils that will help bring you some peace, sleep and sanity. And a little backup for all the in betweens.

  1. Tranquil. This oil is one that I love so much. It’s calming aroma smells so delightful that it’s what I apply for perfume most days. Some mornings getting us ready and out of the door for school drop off can be quite hectic, but by the time I apply this in my car and get going, suddenly I feel calmer and less anxious. Plus, I smell great!

  2. Lavender. I’ll be honest, Lavender actually isn’t a favorite of mine and rarely is it actually in my diffuser. It’s crazy though because it’s one of the most well known and widely used oils. I love this oil for it’s topical uses and that’s why I think this is a great oil to have on hand. We use it for post mosquito bites, booboos, rashes, skin issues, calming/sleep for little ones and other various things. While we may not diffuse it a ton, it’s one that I definitely need in my tool box of support for myself and my children.

  3. Peace and Calming. This oil is perhaps one of my favorite scents - maybe even more so than Tranquil. Often times I am wearing this oil on my diffuser jewelry and behind my ears. What I love about this oil is not just its calming capabilities, but the way it can improve my toddler’s sleep if we are going through a sleep regression or a few bad nights. Try this oil to help your little ones sleep better!

  4. Progessance Plus. This oil can’t be diffused or ingested, but I recommend applying one drop daily to the forearms. This oil contains natural progesterone from wild yam extracts, so by using it you are increasing your progesterone (which many of us are low on). Since you are fooling with your hormones, I recommend one small drop on the forearms once a day, unless you for sure know that you have low progesterone levels. This oil can help support energy, mood, patience, cramps, cycles, fertility and so much more. I do find that being routine with this oil provides me with an overall ease in life.

  5. Rutavala. I have met a few people who actually don’t prefer the scent of this oil, but man I like it. But I only use it for one reason only - SLEEP; and I only use it when needed. I’m naturally a good sleeper (because I’m always so exhausted um what mom isn’t!), but there are times when late at night or in the middle of the night that my brain can’t seem to shut off. When this happens all it takes is a quick swipe of this oil on my wrists, behind my neck and ears and then LIGHTS OUT. Seriously it’s amazing to me how fast it works! It has the ability to shut my brain off - which could really be beneficial to moms who struggle with any sort of anxiousness throughout the day.

  6. Lemon oil. Because you never know what sort of spot you’ll have to clean, what sort of color you need to remove or what sort of stickers got put in the wrong place. Lemon oil is a natural cleaner similar to “Goo Gone” and does all sorts of wonders! Plus since most women suffer from “regularity,” I can tell you that this in a glass of water will help! ;)

  7. Frankincense. Because moms need Jesus. Period. But no really, it’s very similar to lavender BUT it has anti aging benefits too so really, it’s because moms don’t want wrinkles.

  8. Thieves. You have to have something to help cleanse the air, boost the immune system and help your husband who cries like a baby when he’s sick. Something needs to speed the recovery process up because we all know, men are babies!

  9. Peppermint. Because kids lead to chaos, chaos leads to loudness and loudness leads to headaches. Peppermint is great at supporting head tension by simply rubbing some right on the temples!

  10. Copaiba. No one likes dealing with an unhappy teething baby. Rub some of this unicorn magic on your little ones gums and boom shaka laka. You can email me your gratitude at themushymommy@gmail.com. ;) But no really, I like roses.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for as a mother, there’s a very good chance that there’s an oil for it. If you’d like to know more about using essential oils and more, visit our link here to learn about how you get started with essential oils today!

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My Top 10 Essential Oils for Moms

Ways You Can Use Essential Oils Daily

Young Living even has premade and diluted roll ons which makes it super easy for topical use.

Young Living even has premade and diluted roll ons which makes it super easy for topical use.

There are so many reasons to consider essential oils for yourself and for your family. Some people seem to think that in order to use essential oils you must be a completely organic type of person. Others think that in order to use essential oils that you must KNOW how to use them.

Using essential oils can be scary at first but it’s so rewarding in the long run. While there’s a bit to learn, it really all comes so easily and with the right people around you, you’ll have all the help you need when it comes to using your oils.

Here are some simple and straight forward (and fun!) reasons to use essential oils!

  1. To replace your candles and plug ins. Let’s face it…most people get essential oils because they know or read that candles and plug ins are pretty horrible for our health. So, they purchase a starter kit of oils and a diffuser so they can have some beautiful smells in their home without all of the toxins that they read about. In other words, they make your home smell amazing!

  2. For the athletes, active people or achy people. Unfortunately some people have to turn to over the counter things to help alleviate muscle aches and regular pain or head tension. With essential oils, you can help support your body and all of the aches and pains with oils. Just apply topically (some oils we recommend diluting) and you’ll feel wonderful!

  3. For sleep. Because everyone needs sleep! This is actually a huge response that I receive from many of the people who begin with essential oils; their sleep improves! Suddenly they are sleeping better and more sound or their children are sleeping better. There are many oils around that can help with sleep!

  4. To help keep your emotions in check. We all know of many people who need support for their emotions, anxiousness and bluesy days. Essential oils work with the limbic system of our brain to help us release trauma and trigger a certain emotional response. It’s basic science. Once your body is affected by a particular essential oil, your emotions respond in the positive way that you need.

  5. To help your skin. Ever had some weird skin issues that you couldn’t seem to find a solution for? Or maybe you want to make your own homemade products so you can be in control of what goes on your skin! Essential oils are excellent for skin issues, owies and much more. You can make your own products scented with oils while also receiving the therapeutic benefits of the oils for your skin!

  6. For health and wellness. This is HUGE. So many people are tired of that constant train of germs, runny noses, missed days of work and days confined to the sofa. Thankfully essential oils not only support our immune systems when we need them, but can also support our immune systems by taking preventative action. By using oils daily, you can help yourself and your family stay healthier!

  7. For cleansing. Whether it’s the air that needs purifying or your body that needs a gentle cleansing, there are oils that target all of those things. Diffuse a basic oil to cleanse your air or add Lemon Vitality oil to your water to cleanse your body. Even Lavender can be cleansing to the skin for kid’s booboos and such. Essential oils are also excellent at CLEANING naturally and replacing other cleaners within the home.

  8. For all the body things. Digestive issues, respiratory health, circulatory health, tummy aches, etc… oils are there for you through it all. So often I’ll receive a message an about an oil helping someone’s stomach troubles or an oil that helped one breathe better! It’s amazing what nature can do!

Essential Oils and Jesus

There are countless other ways that you can use oils in your life. It’s a new year and you have the opportunity to start fresh and on a clean slate. You have the chance to say yes to something that is GOOD for you, your children and your family. You have the ability to take control of your health and wellness this year!

You don’t have to be some tree hugging hippie. You don’t have to be a scientist. You don’t have to sip Green Tea all day or whatever other thing you associate oils with. You just have to be a person willing to take charge of their health!

If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, check out our oily tab where you can learn more about Young Living, our starter kits and becoming a part of our community!

Using Essential Oils on a Daily Basis

Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos. 

Essential Oils are for Everyone and Every Lifestyle

These are all of the oils available for aches, pains and sore muscles. We help you learn how to safely apply them and which ones to try. A few of these actually come in the starter kit.

These are all of the oils available for aches, pains and sore muscles. We help you learn how to safely apply them and which ones to try. A few of these actually come in the starter kit.

I think sometimes one of the biggest things that people fear about making healthy switches for their lifestyle is that they simply aren’t “natural” enough to make any changes. People fear that because they’re not some tree hugging hippie with a pocket full of oils and a satchel of lavender with them, that they can’t begin a healthier lifestyle.

Dude, that is so wrong.

I’m here to tell you friends that beginning a journey with essential oils and/or non toxic products isn’t about being the biggest hippie or some natural guru. It’s not about knowing and doing all the things. It’s not about some perfect, kale eating lifestyle. It’s just simply not all of those things.

In our home we use all natural and plant based products. You don’t have to be like this to use oils, anyone can use oils.

In our home we use all natural and plant based products. You don’t have to be like this to use oils, anyone can use oils.

Many people that I know have used essential oils for either a portal to a more natural lifestyle or simply just because they were intrigued by them and wanted to give them a shot. For some people, they get a starter kit of oils and begin using the heck out of them and slowly start switching their hygiene and cleaning products to more natural options. For others, they don’t really have much interest in doing those things, but they love the aromas of the oils in their home.

With a new year approaching, I encourage you to consider what sort of healthy, smaller change you can make for your home. Not just yourself and your personal goals, but a healthy change for your family as well. You see, something as simple as getting rid of plug ins and candles and replacing it with 100% pure essential oils can actually help children out drastically. You’ll likely notice a difference if anyone in your home typically suffered with asthma or allergies. You’ll decrease their toxic chemical exposure drastically because candles and plug ins are the biggest and most toxic air pollutants in the home.

Using oils to purify and freshen up your home naturally is the first step to a wonderful and healthy new year. Even if it’s the only step you make with your oils, it’s a dang good step.

Fear of the unknown can definitely be tricky. People look at essential oils and hear videos and read posts and still assume that these foreign bottles will always be just that…foreign. But as I’ve seen over and over again, the ones who jump in and ask ALL the questions, are the ones who quickly gain confidence with their oils AND who uses them well beyond just diffusing them. They are the ones who quickly begin helping others in our private groups. How amazing?!

Many people find success with this oil and the help it can provide toddlers, babies and little ones with sleeping better through the night.

Many people find success with this oil and the help it can provide toddlers, babies and little ones with sleeping better through the night.

An organic and all natural lifestyle sometimes just isn’t for everyone. But essential oils - they can totally be for everyone. Everyone loves things that smell great; everyone loves something to ease muscles and aches; everyone loves good sleep and happy emotions. And everyone WANTS to be healthy and not constantly on that sick train.

So friends, I hope you give these gems a try one day. Today may not be your day, and that is okay. But one day when you’re tired of the constant sick days, tired of the allergies or just wanting to cover up that pet smell, you’ll be ready. And you can jump right in and we’ll help you discover all that these beautiful bottles can offer for you and your family.

And maybe, just maybe…you’ll discover a whole new lifestyle of health and wellness. Heck, you may even hug a tree one day to thank it for all that it has done for you.