15 Moments a Mother Looks Forward to With Her Daughter

  1. Hearing the word "mommy." Sure we can't wait for them to say any word, but after all of our hard work as mommies, we look forward to the day that we hear them call us that. 
  2. Painting her toenails for the first time. There's just something about a little girl with pink toes in a sweet pair of sandals. 
  3. That first school boy crush. Although we dread the dating game, we can't wait to see their giddiness over that cute little boy in their class. 
  4. Helping to setup that big Barbie dream house. Perhaps it's because it reminds us of our childhood or perhaps us mothers just secretly want to play too, but every mommy hopes their daughter's favorite toy will be the same thing that they too played with.  
  5. Seeing daddy melt her heart with a Valentine. A girl's first Valentine will always be her daddy and he'll probably give her the biggest bear she's ever seen. Now mommy just has to find a spot for said bear. 
  6. Her first day of dance class. Tutus, tights and little ballet slippers = enough said. Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina and every mommy wants to help make their dreams come true.  
  7. That first time she attempts to cut her own hair (or her doll's hair). You're the first to assure them they look pretty and the first one in line the next day at the hair salon for a fix.
  8. Buying her that first pair of shoes with a little heel. Even though it has the smallest heel, that first pair of heels for her makes her feel like she's one step closer to being like mommy.
  9. Teaching her how to fix her hair. Because it saves us time of course (and it allows for her creativity to come out). 
  10. Dress shopping with her for prom. Every mommy wants to make sure their daughter has the prettiest dress while teaching them how to look for a deal at the same time.  
  11. Having a girl's night out to the movies and dinner. Too much cheesecake, a cheesy chic flick and an excuse to dress up sounds like the perfect mother-daughter day.  
  12. Graduation. Every parent looks forward to that special moment of accomplishment for their child. And every mommy wants to be there to tell their daughter how proud they are of them and how beautiful they look in what isn't considered to be the most flattering of ensembles. 
  13. Her first true love. You hope that you taught them how to find a man like their father and that you instilled good values in them and you'll be the first to mend a broken heart. 
  14. Her wedding. Perhaps one of the biggest days in her life. You dream of dress shopping, wedding planning and seeing her marry her true love. Who knows what sort of wedding she'll want and you can't wait to see who the lucky man will be. It's the day you'll talk about for a year and look back at for decades.
  15. Seeing her become a mother. Hoping that everything you taught her has helped to mold her into a selfless, compassionate person who will love their children and husband as you loved them and their father. It's a true look at the woman that they have become and if she is even close to being the woman you dreamed of, then you know that you did a job well done. 
My daughter and I right before we left the hospital after her birth.
Already so full of hopes and dreams for this child. 

I can't wait for each of these moments.
What do you look forward to?

Here's to hoping time doesn't pass too fast, Sasha