Cleaning and Cuddling the Honest Way

Since I had my baby the one thing that has always bothered me was to do house chores like cleaning tubs and toilets and then resume back to baby activities like nursing and cuddling. I always felt like I had to take a shower to scrub off any chemicals that I used while cleaning; and we all know that trying to take a shower with a baby is like trying to cut the grass in the rain - it just doesn't always work. 

Then came my bundle of The Honest Company products and ever since I've started using them, I've had a peace of mind when it comes to being a mommy and a "maid." I'll clean toilets and counter tops and just do a simple hand/arm wash and feel good about going back to kissing and cuddling my sweet baby. Knowing that I'm doing a good job of using non-toxic (and eco-friendly) Cleaning Productsmakes me feel like I can tackle it all at once and still have a safe, clean house that isn't full of nasty chemicals that could harm my Little Bug. 

I'm all about my Honest Co. products. You'd never think that toilet cleaner really needs to have a good scent, but hey it is nice if it does. The awesome scents are bonuses on top of the whole non-toxic deal and I've found that my Honest Products work just as good as expensive ones from the store (if not better sometimes).

I'm not here to convince you that you should throw out all of your cleaners and go the Honest way, I'm just a mommy like you who doesn't want to shower after a simple cleaning task. I'm just a mommy who is trying to balance all the cleaning that goes into being a mommy and all of that cuddling too. Let's clean and cuddle with The Honest Companycleaning products! 

Do you freak out about cuddling baby after cleaning?
Or am I just crazy?

xoxo, Sasha

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