New Year Cleaning: A Great Reset for the Home

New Year Cleaning

The new year is fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but one thing I love for the new year is a clean slate. A fresh reset so to speak. Once the garland, glitter and decor comes down, it’s time to have a new year clean for the whole home.

Spring cleaning always seems to be a thing for so many, but truthfully I much prefer my new year clean. It really helps reset me and get me into the right mindset for the New Year. As a mother of little ones, cleaning and organizing can be very hard work with little ones under your feet. Having someone to take the kids for a whole day while you tackle a mile long to do list is a bit of a homemaker’s dream. Of course that is not always the reality for everyone, so if your children are with you, you may work best by breaking up your cleaning into days.

New Year Kitchen Cleaning

When I am tackling lots of organizational and cleaning projects, I work best from a list. I write down exactly what needs to be done around the home and who does it (yes, there’s even a honey do list!). This helps us both check off the projects and deep cleaning that we know has to be done.

You can use the following guidelines to help you go into your new year with a little more organization and tidiness. And perhaps a little breath of fresh air and an extra shot of joy!

Think of your house as a clean slate. Once ALL of your Christmas decor has come down, it’s time to think of your home as a clean slate. It’s a fresh start to get things swift and clean. Make it your goal to finish everything within a day or two. If you drag on the list for too long, it becomes too tedious and drawn out.

Tackle all of the closets. Go into each closet and reorganize. This is especially helpful for kids who have just received lots of new toys. Get rid of broken toys, duplicate toys and things that are not well loved. Organize closets and tidy up clothes and shoes area to remove any piles of clothes that accumulated over time or that no longer fit.

Organize the bathrooms. Bathroom drawers and cabinets tend to get out of hand pretty quick. In our home we have what seems like less bathroom storage than others, so we have to stay on top of organizing regularly to be able to find things and have some structure.

Purge. Donate. And minimize. I am all about the modern concept of minimalism, but like so many I struggle with it too. However even if you’re not going for the minimalist lifestyle, it’s nice to put your mindset into the “less is more” because you’ll be grateful when there’s less. Less items, less toys, less clutter means less anxiety and less craziness. Less stuff means less to clean!

Clean the floors. Lift the area rugs and mop and clean all the floors. You just recently had a Christmas tree, tons of decor from storage and possibly lots of guests for holiday parties and I’m sure some glitter somewhere. Go through and mop all the floors and clean under the rugs.

New Year Cleaning

Remove any clutter. Piles of clutter annoy me. Go through and try to eliminate all piles but if anything, at least make a clutter basket full of the things that you need to go through on another day. Store your clutter basket in the utility area or a place where it’s less visible.

Wash the extras. Wash things like sheets, curtains, shower curtains and rugs that can easily be washed. Now is also a good time to wash jackets that have already been worn quite a bit in these colder days and still will need to be worn in the months ahead.

Remove the toxins. A new year typically comes with resolutions that include being healthier. Most Americans are yearning to be healthier overall and to rid their life and bodies of the bad things. Start with tossing the chemical filled, name brand cleaners and consider natural alternatives such as Thieves Cleaner. This natural cleaner will disinfect every surface of your home and can even remove stains!

Keep only what you love. I have tried the past year or so to put myself into a mindset to only keep the things that I love and that bring me joy. I know longer just buy knick and knacks and cheap decor just because it is cute, I buy things that I don’t want to live without and that I have a specific place for. This mindset helps you spend less and have less.

Minimize kitchen cabinets. Go through and get rid of the things that you don’t use or that you have duplicates of. Throw away expired food or old candy you were hiding from your children. Make your cabinets and drawers more functional and less obnoxious (this is an area I really need to get into!).

Lastly, if you’re purging and getting rid of lots of things - consider what to do with them. You can always have a garage sale or you can donate to the Salvation Army, local women’s shelters, local families in need or in some areas, there are Catholic or similar charities that will come and even pick up your items for you!

There’s no right or wrong way to head into the new year on a clean reset. Some people may do this before the New Year and others may do it soon after. Whenever you can, and whatever you do, make things functional, easy and joyful for your family!

Happy New Year to all of our readers!

New Year Cleaning


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos. 

Our Christmas Home Tour 2018

If you’re like me, you enjoy seeing how others deck the halls. This is only our second Christmas in this little ole’ farmhouse, so I still get such joy from sprucing it up for the holidays. But who am I kidding, I’ll still get joy from it 10 years from now because Christmas is just the best.

I like to keep things simple and cozy. In the last eight Christmases of being married and decorating the home for the holidays, I’ve learned a few things along the way. Less is truly more - although like any person, I have to fight the urge to not get all of the cute things I see.

I try to stick to the basics around here during Christmas. A few things of garland around the doors, poinsettias on the porch, Eucalyptus here and there, a vintage Nativity and a few Santas placed throughout. Over time I have taken things out of my decor and sold them because they no longer felt like “me” or I gave them away because I was purchasing inexpensive things in the past. Not that the things I purchase now are expensive, but I try to avoid all of the little knick knacks that are easy to accumulate over time. I try to make sure that something will really have a home if I purchase it and is something that truly brings me joy.

I think it’s all about making your home fit you and your family. I love a mix between nature, some vintage looking pieces and then some modern things. Perhaps your Christmas does include cute little trinkets or a village that goes on for days, or perhaps your decor is minimal and consists of just a few garland touches. Whatever it may be, I hope it brings you joy! It’s all about making your home cozy for the winter and enjoying the season of twinkling lights, hot coco and the smell of spruce!

Also disclaimer, my flowerbeds aren’t in tip top shape…ha!

For my tips on making the home cozy for the winter, check this post out. You can also find my favorite diffuser blends for the holidays here.


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos. 

Creating a Cozy Home for Winter

Creating a Cozy Home for Winter

Winter season is one of my favorite seasons and always has been. When it starts getting colder, when the days start getting shorter and when the trees are looking empty, I enjoy these days and all of the fresh, crisp air it provides.

It dawned on me recently as a mother why I enjoy this time so much. Suddenly our calendar is less occupied. There’s no more soccer games, there’s less birthday parties, no more fall festivals and basically we have lots of empty weekends with a few holiday parties here and there.

I enjoy this season of mothering because it is cozy. I enjoy it because it forces us to stay connected as we sit by the fire or as we bake holiday cookies. It forces us to reconnect and to just “be;” a task that is always easier said than done in today’s busy lifestyle. The holidays can no doubt be a time of “hustle and bustle” as you finish up Christmas shopping, make all of the dishes, attend all of the parties and basically, eat all of the things. But if you’re really intentional about this time and the months ahead, you’ll see just how cozy and reconnecting it can be for your family and for yourself. When it’s too cold to play outside and you're forced to be indoors, it can be rewarding to be together. That’s not to say that cabin fever doesn’t exist, because it surely does - but I believe in finding the cozy joys of the day (even on my hardest days). Sometimes a good session of baking cookies or making smores is a good reset for us all!

Here are some of my favorite ways to embrace this cozy season:

Comfort. I think it is truly comforting to have your own warm slippers and your own warm robe or house sweater. The same goes for the children! Having what you need on hand to keep you warm gives you that “homey” feeling when you take off your shoes and sink into your plush slippers.

Food. Yes, weird that I associate food with winter but I do. Hot chocolate is actually something I drink year round - it’s legit my nearly every day order at Starbucks. But hot chocolate is a special treat at home and a special treat for my children. We don’t do it daily, but when it’s really cold in the mornings or the evenings, it’s a fun treat for my children. I also find that baking cookies or warm muffins is a treat as well as smores by the fire. And a good soup to simmer on the stove all evening is one of my favorite things about “making a home a home” during the winter. Make a large soup and freeze some for a quick meal on a busy night. Also, try our delicious french toast recipe here for those holiday mornings!

Family Movies. Winter time is an excellent time for movies because there’s less going on outside. It’s too cold to play and most extra curricular sports are on an off season. It’s the perfect time to have a family night with hot coco and a family movie.

Board games. This is another way to enjoy the season - board games by the fire in fuzzy pajamas sounds like a plan to me!

Creating a Dim Mood. Spring and summer are all about the bright lights and sunlight beaming through the windows, but honestly I love a dreary day that creates a dim mood. Rooms that are unoccupied in our home stay lit with a small lamp or himalayan salt lamp or our essential oil diffusers. These soft glows create a beautiful mood that matches the season.

Layering. This is something new to me as I scroll through my favorite Instablogs and mamas these days, but layering is the new thing. Whether your’e layering rugs, layering pillows or layering bedding, this adds texture and warmth to any space.

Basket catch-alls. I love natural fiber baskets or chests that can store away the things we need more often in the winter. Whether it is extra throw blankets on hand or a place near the door for everyone’s sweaters, hats and gloves - having functional and stylish storage keeps things tidy and appealing. Add wicker baskets by the door or mud room for winter essentials and keep a basket in the living room with spare throws and pillows. In our home, baskets get moved around and used for many different purposes depending on the season we are in.

Seasonal Colors. This is something I am learning as I go with having a home, but changing out our throw pillows and colors works well for us because we tend to keep things pretty neutral. Adding in deep velvets or deep colors adds a warmth and seasonal “texture” to change things up and keep things cozy.

Seasonal Book bins. I love having a seasonal book bin for my children. Winter and Christmas is a wonderful time to add some new books to the book bin for your children to learn more about the changing season and the true meaning of the holiday we are celebrating. Each season we try to change our book bin up, even though we do have other books scattered throughout the home.

Adding joy. Garland, eucalyptus garlands or stems and twinkle lights are “holiday-ish” touches without being too holiday! These items can stay out longer than just Christmas and really set the the mood for the fun season ahead.

Essential oils. Some of my favorite oils for the winter season include Christmas Spirit, Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Grapefruit, Cypress, Pine, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Orange. You can read about some fun fall blends here and holiday blends here.

There are so many ways and possibilities to enjoy your home during this cold season. While cabin fever can certainly exist, embrace the empty calendar and the excuse to stay in fleece pajamas all day. Create memories and traditions within the walls of your cozy, little home.


Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos.