Baby's First Year Journal Giveaway

So I am obsessed with journaling Little Bug's first year. She has a baby book. She has a birth -3 Year keepsake book. She has a love letters from Mommy book. She also has a regular journal that I write just for her as well. 

Whew. That's a lot.

Thankfully I am doing a decent job of keeping up with them all. And to those that think I won't do this for my second baby, well all I can say is you must not know me. I'll make sure that they all have the same thing (um-hm mom that one was for you). I love writing to my baby and I love writing about her (obviously!). It's such a legacy to leave behind to them when you're not around to fill in the memories anymore. I hope one day Little Bug will truly treasure all of this and realize just how much I love her. Although really, there's no way she'll ever know just how much. It's insane how much I love my baby!

So today I want to share this wonderful and so stinking cute journal with my lucky readers! You have the chance to win this precious keepsake journal that highlights birth through the first year. There is a section for each month as well as photo placements and even baby food recipes! It's seriously the cutest thing ever! If I didn't have so many I would use it myself. But I rather share with you :) And I'm not sure I can handle another journal! 

Even if you don't need it right now, you may need it later. Or heck you may need a baby shower gift soon! I mean come on, we all love free stuff! 

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Happy Giveaway Day, Sasha
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