Switching to a Toxin Free Lifestyle: Part II

Toxin Free Lifestyle

In Part I of our lifestyle series, we focused on gaining the courage to make the jump. We focused on getting into the mindset that you can slowly do this, day by day. Even year by year. 

Today we will look at a few more of the reasons WHY to do this. Again, I like to reinforce the idea that this doesn't have to be all or nothing. However I would like to think that eventually you may make the transition to changing it ALL; but even if you do not, every change is a good thing!

So why? Why to make these changes? 

Parabens. Phthalates. Fragrance. SLS. Triclosan. Chlorine. These are just a few of the toxic ingredients sitting on the backs of your beauty and personal care products. These along with many, many more all contribute to our health in major ways. 

The average woman typically comes into contact with over 300 chemicals per day, with 80 of those before breakfast. These chemicals or ingredients, while they may be in small amounts, will continually build up over time. In fact, Triclosan a common ingredient in hand soaps and sanitizers, actually stays on your skin for hours after use. This ingredient is damaging to human cells, organs and can even be linked to birth defects. 

Have you ever noticed how HIGH our cancer rates, infertility rates and depression rates are? Have you ever listened to just how many people are on medication for something. Perhaps you are one of them and you dread the task of taking a daily medication that you know is not good for you or your body; or perhaps you're not even sure if it is good or not. This isn't to say all medication is bad, I KNOW that some are truly needed. But there are most definitely ways that a healthy lifestyle can heal you in more ways than you can imagine. 

We would never quite think that something as simple as our face wash, makeup and soap can be the link to some of the things we are experiencing. Unexplained weight gain, moodiness, fatigue, infertility, etc... those are things we may never stop and link to our personal care products. Yet, the truth of it is that it can easily be just that. 

Some interesting factoids can be found below to help you have a better understanding of how lax our government is on letting chemicals and toxins flood our products and cleaners. For more specifics on certain products like hand soaps, mouth wash and more, check out this post here

Switching to a toxin free lifestyle

So what are some steps you can do? The MORE you KNOW, the BETTER you DO. This is completely true. If you have a basis of knowledge to begin this journey, you'll slowly start to learn more and make the changes that are important to you! 

  • Read Healthy Child, Healthy World. This book is excellent with the facts, science and research that you need to give you an extra push. I promise, this book can truly do the trick!
  • Download the Think Dirty App. Download this app and begin scanning the products you use daily to see just how toxic they are. Major red flags should be high cancer ratings and high reproductive toxicity ratings. 
  • Start with your Children. This is the easiest area to change for your family because children are not brand loyal, unlike us women! They just need a good shampoo and wash, lotion and toothpaste. If you really get into things, you may also start looking at chemical free diaper options. 
  • Move on to your cleaners second. This is somewhat of an easy change because really, cleaning is cleaning. Occasionally we become brand loyal to the scent of Pine Sol or to the Windex that your mom swears by. But slowly we can break the cycle of toxic cleaners. When you use up your cleaner, buy a new, natural brand. 
  • Save your products for last. Women are brand loyal and occasionally high maintenance. Some of us swear by that $100 retinol cream for our skin. Start transitioning the products that are easy to such as soaps, lotions, shaving cream, etc... Then move on to hair care and facial care. Makeup tends to be a very hard area for people to make that switch. Luckily I have finally found my option for non toxic makeup thanks to Young Living! 

Other easy to make switches around the home:

  • Ditch the plastic. Get rid of Tupperware and replace it with glass containers. Stop eating on plastic plates and invest in a good ceramic or porcelain set. Opt for glass drink ware over plastic cups you caught in a parade. 
  • Don't buy from the Dollar Store. Whoa, I know. That seems a little crazy to just say, but research has shown that many Dollar Store brands are made with harsher chemicals than the exact same style product or brand at the local Wal Mart. Baby bottles, teethers, dinnerware, baby toys and even cleaners are items you'd likely want to stay away from. 
  • Open the windows. The air within your home is 5-7 more times toxic than the air outside. Open your windows more! 
  • Ditch the candles. As stated in the graphic, candles are highly toxic! Choose essential oils to diffuse or soy candles fragranced with pure essential oils. 
  • Toss ALL of the smell good stuff. Plug ins, air fresheners, sprays, candles, wax warmers, etc... they are all highly toxic and are among the biggest pollutants in the home. 
  • Choose organic if budget allows. When it comes to food, choose organic if you can. If you can't purchase it all organic - decide what maybe is important to you. Perhaps organic produce is important or organic milk. If organic is not allowed at all in the budget, then just choose wholesome foods and make sure to clean ALL produce (organic or not). The cleaner the diet and the less processed foods consumed, the less toxins you're putting in your body (this is my area of weakness FYI). 
  • Consider what baby is chewing on. All of our teethers are toxin free, these are VERY easy to find! Search Etsy, Amazon or your local baby store (not Wal Mart usually) for good teethers. Also, we love wooden toys and natural fiber toys for baby because of all the chemicals in plastics. However this is NOT to say that our baby does not have plastic toys we just try to avoid them. 
  • While there are many options available to make your home and materials within your home less toxic, sometimes that's just not an option. We can't just all rebuild our homes to be toxin free, now can we?! My word of advice on this is to consider the nursery for an upcoming baby. If you have the chance to do a gift registry and start with a clean slate for your baby, then go for it! Choose natural fibers and organic cotton sheets, blankets, etc... Look for VOC free paint as well! A toxin free nursery can actually be easily attainable since babies do not need much. 

Whew, that was a lot of information. Your head may be spinning right now and you may also be thinking, "No way is this happening for me." Please, don't think that I did this all overnight. Don't think that I am perfect at it and that we don't slip up. It's all about finding some grace to give yourself when things happen or when you can't resist something. It's normal to me now to be conscious of things and it's like second nature to me. It can be for you too!

No one said this would be easy, but it also won't really be hard. It's just a bit to soak in and learn along the way. You've got this! I am cheering you on friend. 

Stay tuned for part III to see how I can help to guide you on this journey! 

Switching to a Toxin Free Lifestyle

"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."  1 Corinthians 6:19–20
 Stay tuned for more parts in this fun series! 

Stay tuned for more parts in this fun series! 

Ever read an article or statement about all of the toxins in your products and then got so overwhelmed that you scrolled on by because you just couldn't handle what you read? Like, how on earth do you even begin to fix it? How on earth can you just give up everything you know and love? How on earth do people just change? How do you even educate yourself on ALL of this ridiculousness? 

Calm down, my friend. Switching to a chemical free lifestyle is not easy. It's also not something that you just do overnight. Trying to make healthy changes are best done when you take your time and ease into new things. And P.S. -- none of us weird hippies are perfect, I promise. 

Some people fear that they are not "natural" minded enough to begin making changes. They fear that it's pointless to use essential oils if they still plan to burn a candle on occasion and they think it's ridiculous to switch their soaps and lotions if they still plan to wear MAC makeup. 

I am here to tell you that these are just falsehoods keeping you from making important baby steps. Baby steps that can either do great things for your health alone or baby steps that can one day lead into bigger, grander things. Making healthy changes is done in baby steps, because that's just what we need to start slowly introducing ourselves to a whole new world. For some those baby steps stay just as that, small changes in the modern day lifestyle. For others (many I should add), those baby steps lead to whole lifestyle change for the better. 

It can be intimidating when you start hearing about how to read labels, toxic ingredients and how to determine a green wash company from a true natural company. It's intimidating when people read off all of the bad things that your products can do to your health. So intimidating in fact, that you fear how you'll fix it and therefore you never make the jump to actually fix it. When something is scary we often times just shy away from it. This is what so many people do when it comes to healthier living, yet they don't realize that it's really much more doable and enjoyable than they ever thought. 

 I've seen people cringe at the facts that I share. I've seen people with startled faces when I share certain images or articles that lay it all out there. Yet do all of these people make the switch to a toxin free lifestyle? No. Many of them are just too scared (or perhaps not worried enough about it yet). Many of them are overwhelmed and many of them don't have the support they need to switch. Or many plan to switch one day, but never come back to. 

But what happens to the ones who do? I have watched countless people, many who I never would have thought, jump into a lifestyle of trying to reduce their toxins and chemicals. I've seen them start with just a natural cleaner or just some oils and slowly start trying new products. I've been bombarded with messages (which I love) on how TO JUST DO THIS.  I've even had a close friend almost ridicule my toxin free lifestyle only to switch months later and ask me about all of the switches I made in my life simply because one day it all just clicked for her. 

Friends, chemical free living or toxin free living isn't something you will be perfect at. It's not something that you'll go all in, right away. You'll get scared. You'll feel lost. You'll feel overwhelmed and you'll think this just isn't for you. You may even teeter back and forth between a good, natural soap and that favorite one you used growing up. It's  never about being perfect, it's about challenging yourself to do more better. 

God wants us healthy. He wants us to treat our body the way it deserves to be treated. To take care of all that he created for us. "Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing" (Ezekiel 47:12). He needs us to do our part. Our children need for us to do our part so we can live long for them and guide them on healthy living as well. 

Never think that you can't make the switch to a toxin free lifestyle. You can my friend. One day at a time, you can make slow changes to reduce your chemical exposure. You will likely never obtain some perfect lifestyle and you may even hold onto your vices like Red Bulls and MAC makeup, but the changes that you do make are still less chemicals entering your bloodstream, your respiratory system and so on. It's still changes that are helping you live a longer, more fulfilled life. Usually one change can snowball over into many, many others. And while that may seem daunting and difficult now, one day you will feel the relief of knowing that you're taking care of yourself in the best way possible. 

Lead your life knowing that you're doing the best you can each and every day. Challenge yourself daily to make changes. To eat better and to learn more. Stick with the 80/20 rule if you have (80% organic/natural, 20% indulgences). Find like minded people to surround yourself with so that you're learning and growing (shoutout to our community, hey girl hey).  If you want a community of support, ours is growing daily and we will help to guide you on this journey! 

Give yourself grace and time. Make the jump. Be scared, be clueless and take in the knowledge that seems so overwhelming. Take it one day at a time so you can be another voice in this revolution of telling our modern day culture that we don't want these toxins. Be an advocate for yourself, your body and your family. 

Toxin Free Lifestyle

Stay tuned soon for more information on switching to a toxin free lifestyle. 



Sasha Savoy

Sasha is the owner and founder of The Mushy Mommy, a natural mother and baby boutique and The Mushy Mommy Village. She is a SAHM who works hard at living as minimal and unprocessed as possible, but never claims perfection. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, enlighten and empower mothers all over to feel good about their choices, to make healthy choices and to enjoy motherhood and all of its beauty and chaos. 

Spring Cleaning with Nature

Why toxin free? Why Nature? Gosh, where do we start. 

Look at our health today. We all know someone who suffers or has suffered from cancer, infertility, anxiety, unexplained weight gain, hormonal issues, allergies and/or asthma. In fact, that list may unfortunately describe many Americans in one way or another. 

Recent university research is showing that the lungs of a woman who cleans regularly is similar to that of someone who smokes around 20 cigarettes a day, thanks to her cleaning products and chemicals she is exposed to. Source.

It is crazy to think that our cleaning products could be to blame for this (along with personal care products and diets, etc…). Who would think that what we clean our homes with daily, wash our hands with daily and brush our teeth with could be so harmful for us? Isn’t there people out there looking out for us to make sure we don’t have harmful ingredients coming into our homes? Unfortunately NO, at least not like you’d think. 

Our chemical laws are old, weak and need massive help. 

In so many ways, other countries have it better than we do. Boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese contain better ingredients in other countries simply because those countries ban those toxins. Here in America, we have nothing really banned too often, so Kraft makes their mac + cheese just the way they like it, full of the bad ingredients. This is not the only company to do this or the only brand of food. Unfortunately this is a huge issue. 

In the European Union over 1100 cosmetic ingredients are banned! In America LESS than 10 of those same ingredients are banned. You mean to tell me that out of a thousand ingredients, our people in control only thought 10 were bad? What the what? Crazy, right? 

US Chemical Law

We need change. We need to change our lifestyles to ensure that we are doing our best to live long and healthy. We need to give our children fresh air to breathe. 

Did you know that the air within your home is much more polluted than the air outside? Open the windows and air out your home a little this spring! 

But why? Why stress about it all when it’s just a little bit of toxins? Because that little bit turns into a LOT over time. The average woman comes into contact with around 300 chemicals a day and 80 of those are often before breakfast time. Seems like a lot right? But think of how many times you wash your hands, wipe down the counter tops, wash your face, apply your makeup, brush your teeth, breathe in your candles and plug ins and spray your perfume. It’s a never ending pattern of chemicals and toxins all coming to you!

It takes around a mere 26 seconds for the products that you apply or that come into contact with your skin to reach your blood stream. 

Common toxins found in products that I avoid. These are just some of the biggies, but there are many more: 

  • Parabens are in so many skin care products; they preserve other ingredients and extend a product’s shelf life. There are many types of parabens: methylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, etc. They are also dangerous and something I avoid completely because Parabens disrupt hormones. Parabens have been found in many breast tumors, which is no surprise since parabens actually mimic the estrogen hormone. 
  • Fragrances is an ingredient that I stay far away from. The term fragrance is considered a company’s trade secret and therefore thousands (literally) of ingredients are housed under that term. Here is where phthalates usually lurk and these are hormone disruptors as well and can even be cancerous.  It’s where big companies can hide lots of ingredients. 
  • Triclosan is actually considered a pesticide by the EPA yet it is in most of our soaps, hand sanitizers and even our tooth paste. It has the ability to stay on the skin for many hours after use and damages human cells. It can cause birth defects, decreased fertility and organ damage. 
  • The Material Safety Data Sheets for propylene glycol warns that the chemical can be rapidly absorbed through the skin, with prolonged contact leading to brain, liver and kidney abnormalities. This is a common ingredients found in toothpaste! 
  • Around 90% of liquid soaps, shampoos, etc… contain SLS. SLS is the same active ingredients in garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and more. Why would you want the same thing you degrease an engine with on your skin? It can cause cell damage, hair loss and has been linked to eye and skin irritations, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity and quite a few other things. 
  • Ammonia and Chlorine are both capable of irritating our respiratory health and contributing to respiratory issues. 
  • 2-Butoxyethanol is commonly found in multipurpose cleaners and is actually the law does not require company's to list this ingredient. However in addition to causing sore throats when inhaled, it can also contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema, and severe liver and kidney damage if it reaches high enough levels in a room that is not ventilated very well.
Thieves Products

Did you know that burning a candle for one hour is considered to be just as harmful as smoking a cigarette?

The toxins you breathe in are just as dirty thanks to all of the synthetic fragrances and more in there! If you don’t smoke because you want to be healthy, then why breathe those toxins in another way? #justsayinggirl #diffuseoilsinstead

When our bodies take in too many toxins, we experience toxin overload. Basically our body can no longer break the toxins down properly and this becomes damaging to our health. Toxin overload is not something you are going to be diagnosed with at the doctor’s office. This is something that people discover after plenty of research and after changing their lifestyle. Toxin overload can be disguised as any of the following: anxiety, weight gain, hormonal disruption, poor sleep, fatigue, reproductive complications, cancer, allergies, asthma and more. 

Also, think of how many products and cleaners you have stored under that kitchen sink or in the laundry room cabinet? Can you imagine getting rid of all of those, taking them off of your shopping list and never having to buy them EVER again! ONE bottle of cleaner can safely clean and disinfect it all!

So what can YOU do differently? It's easy really. Below are some great steps for small changes that have a BIG impact on your health! 

Think Dirty App
  • Scan your products! Download the Think Dirty App (free) onto your phone and scan all of the products around your home. The results will SHOCK you! This is usually the push many people need when they see their shampoo rates a 10/10 for cancer. Yikes!
  • Toss the cleaners! Yes, ALL of them. You can do this if you use the Thieves Household Cleaner. It is safe for all surfaces and it disinfects naturally. 
  • Invest in baking soda and vinegar. Use the two together to make a scrubbing paste that is the bomb!
  • Get rid of fake smells. Sorry guys, but candles, plug ins and air fresheners are the worst! Replace them with essential oils or soy/beeswax candles scented with pure essential oils. 
  • Toss the dryer sheets! These are a huge pollutant. Invest in wool dryer balls instead and add essential oils to them and then toss into the dryer!
  • Ditch the tupperware. Plastic tupperware contains many chemicals that leach into your food. Slowly switch over to glass dishes (we like Anchor and Pyrex brand). 
  • Consider switching your personal care products. The first step is cleaning up your home products and your children's skin care. When you're truly ready, invest in yourself! 
  • Join our community! This is a fun step if you want support along the way. We make this transition to healthier products easy and we help guide you on healthier living! 
 Thieves household cleaner is a super concentrated formula. One capful in a spray bottle of water is all it takes to clean EVERYTHING. One bottle of Thieves cleaner makes around 30 spray bottles of cleaner. It is also effective at stain removal and for mopping. To learn more about Thieves and the home cleaning kit, message me or visit  this link  for more info! 

Thieves household cleaner is a super concentrated formula. One capful in a spray bottle of water is all it takes to clean EVERYTHING. One bottle of Thieves cleaner makes around 30 spray bottles of cleaner. It is also effective at stain removal and for mopping. To learn more about Thieves and the home cleaning kit, message me or visit this link for more info! 

Happy Spring Cleaning! Share your cleaning types and schedules with us below! How do you spring clean?