Easy, Fool Proof Ways to Cut Chemicals From Your Life

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Every day we get on the Internet and see new articles revealing the dangers in particular foods, products and cleaners. Every day we can feel more overwhelmed, confused and hurt. It seems as if sometimes there's no right way to go or correct product/brand to use. 

However every day we have the chance to do better, despite the overwhelming headlines. Even when it seems so confusing, we have the option to make small changes that we know are better for us. Science may change their opinions on things like chocolate and red wine over time, but there are just certain things that is basic and easy to follow. There are certain "facts" that have overtime never changed. 

If you want to start cutting some chemicals and toxins out of your life and routine, here are some easy and basic ways to do so! Don't let these changes overwhelm you, make them slowly over time as you can. This isn't all or nothing or even all at once, it's at the pace that works for you!

  1. Pop into the local health food store. Even a small town will typically have a natural food/health store nearby. Stop in for some motivation to browse around and see what sorts of items you can switch out. Healthier cleaners, vitamins, food items and more, deodorant, may be right at your fingertips and you didn't even know it. 
  2. Stop the idea of "all or nothing." I'm a firm believer in that nothing can be perfect. You can eat a day's worth of organic meals and yet still stop by Chic Fil-a for a milkshake after a long day. These things happen and it's okay. Less is more. Having less is better for your health, but it's okay to live life on the edge sometimes. Start with the items you breathe in at home and put on your skin, work on your diet later. 
  3. Read a good book. I recommend "Healthy Child, Healthy World." This book is especially great for mothers, but is still so full of knowledge for us all. Also any good book of "Natural Remedies" is a great tool to have on hand! 
  4. Find a support group. There are typically support groups on Facebook for natural minded mamas or people. I love Baton Rouge Natural Moms, Green Moms Network or you can even navigate some of our information for more tips! 
  5. Filter your water. Make sure your drinking water is filtered somehow. 
  6. Microwave less. This is something that I struggle with too! When you're not in a hurry, take the frozen veggies out of the bag or the can, and cook them on the stove. 
  7. Skip all the Bath and Body Works. Most women have been guilty at some point or another of harboring a basket full of these goodies. Toss them, regift them, recycle them...just get rid of them and their temptation to be used disappears. Search for a handmade soap that consists of basic things like lye or shea butter and essential oils. Use a basic lotion with minimal ingredients that you can pronounce. 
  8. Find a truly plant based cleaner. With Thieves cleaner, you only need ONE cleaner for your whole home. It's truly plant based and it disinfects naturally. While there are other decent plant based cleaners (Honest Co., Seventh Generation) out there, Thieves has always been the one that I trust the most. 
  9. Toss the Tupperware. Invest in some glass Pyrex dishes for storing your leftover food. Plastic tupperware containers contain tons of toxic chemicals (even the BPA free ones) and are very harmful to your health. Even if you don't heat food in them, chemicals still leach into the food (especially if you place warm food in there). 
  10. Toss the fake scents. Candles, air fresheners, plug ins and the like, are some of the most toxic ingredients in the home. They are cancerous, can affect the endocrine system and they can contribute to respiratory issues and things like asthma and allergies. Choose a natural beeswax or soy candle and/or stick with essential oils or homemade potpourri. 
  11. Eat more FRESH food. If your food is grown from the ground, you're doing good. Buy more fresh and less from the box. Choose organic if and when your budget allows. 
  12. Try charcoal soap. A truly good charcoal soap is great for the skin and can be great as a face wash as well! They are also very inexpensive.
  13. Switch deodorants and perfumes. This one is for someone who has already begun their journey and research. Find a good, natural deodorant (this is huge for women's health) and skip perfume in favor of essential oils! 

Trying to ban all chemicals and toxins is nearly impossible. Things will get by, things will be enjoyed and splurged on and you'll learn as you go where you where and what you want to focus on. Just strive for your best and you'll get there. The more you know, the better you can do! 

For more information on joining our wellness community geared around essential oils and plant based products, visit our link here

My Top 5 Tips to Ditch and Switch Your Products

1. Cut the candles, air fresheners and plug ins out. Did you know that burning a regular ole' scented candle for an hour is about the same in toxins and harm for your health as smoking a cigarette for an hour? Yes, research is proving this -- I didn't just make it up. Crazy, right?!?! So what can you do instead? Purchase natural beeswax or soy candles that are scented with essential oils. Even better? Purchase a Young Living starter kit and diffuse oils within your home for therapeutic benefits as well as for their amazing scents! Check out my clean home diffuser blends for some of my favorites


2. Download the Think Dirty app and scan your beauty and cleaning products. Nothing can make you feel more icky than scanning the products within your home on the Think Dirty app, only to discover that they have the worst ratings out there. Seriously, it's a game changer when you scan your shampoo and you see right there that it DOES cause cancer, reproductive issues and more. 

3. Label Read. Don't just be a sucker for anything that says "natural" on it. Anything can be labeled natural because there's no FDA standards for that. You have to actually flip the bottle over and read the label. Look for minimal ingredients, plant based ingredients and words you can pronounce. If you don't recognize a word, Google it or scan the item on your Think Dirty app. If you don't like what you see, toss it! 

Think Dirty app and Clean Living

4. Stop the Brand Loyalty. I get it, I'm a girl too and I know how we are...we love our beauty products and once we find a good one, we're never going back. Well that's fine and all, but just stop and think about your health. Think about your future and your family's health. Why do you think cancer is so rampant these days or auto immune disorders? Or allergies and hormone issues and infertility? Or awful sleep cycles and loads of medicine that we take daily just to function? It's because we are giving our body chemical, after chemical and toxin after toxin. Whether we lather it on or whether we eat it...all of those toxins pile up and become a huge problem that we don't even realize. Our body gets to where it can't even break them down anymore because it is on overload! 

5. Decide what's important. I'm not perfect and many others who take a more natural, chemical free route are not either. I allow myself food indulgences that I enjoy and I maybe once a year go get my nails done. But for the most part, the products that touch my skin or the products that I clean with, are toxin free. The food I can buy that is organic or preservative/artificial free -- I do! It's not about not enjoying life or the good things, it's about finding NEW good, healthy things and then occasionally enjoying the not so good things. 

Young Living Essential Oils

So what to ditch and what to switch to? Well, let's be honest...MOST items that you pick up from most big box stores, don't likely make the cut. There are some great ones out there though with good ingredients -- Seventh Generation is an okay brand to me and Shea Moisture from Wal Mart has good ingredients (hope your hair responds better to their hair care than mine did). There are definitely brands and products out there waiting for you, you just have to look and label read. I can knit pick and find things wrong with other mainstream natural brands, but I will say it over and over --- any switch is better than using the regular garbage sold to us. So even if you're product is only free of a few toxins, but may still contain a few artificial ingredients, it's likely safer than just the popular, non natural version of it. 

But what do I personally love and use? Hands down, it's Young Living. I've been experimenting with brands and products for years now -- some I seeked out and some were sent to me for blog reviews. Sure there ARE good ones out there, but Young Living is just different to me. There's a seed to seal guarantee like no other, the products actually work and oh by the way, my hair feels great again thanks to their hair care. AND I get money back on my monthly purchases to buy my family free things that we need and want. I love buying my products from an ethical and customer oriented company that takes care of its employees rather than plopping their products on shelves at Target (but sidenote -- I do LOVE that you can now find more natural items at Target!). They help build entrepreneurs up and take care of their members. Their ethical standards are out of this world -- all the way down to checking some of their crops hourly just to make sure it is picked at its prime time! Their seed to seal guarantee promises you that from when the time it was a seed to the time the oil goes under a sealed cap, there was nothing artificial to touch that oil. No fertilizers, pesticides and no solvents used to extract it, etc... 


Curious about using Young Living or making the switch? Then visit here or shoot me an email. But just curious about ditching your products and making slow changes, then GREAT too! Any small change, is a great thing! 

If you want to attend my virtual Ditch and Switch class, visit my private Facebook group and request access for a class happening this week! I would love to have you!! We frequently host classes to help educate people on choosing safer oils and products. 

Have a beautiful, oily day! And have fun doing the Ditch and Switch!