No One Likes Poop

So first off, I still LOVE my Honest Company diapers and highly recommend them to anyone. I still have a whole month supply and I'm not canceling my bundle just yet - BUT - I do have a cloth diaper sample package on the way! 

I've been looking at different trial kits and things to order in the cloth diaper world for weeks now, but I always chicken out in the end. I suppose it's just because I don't want to waste the money in case I don't like the cloth diapering system. Well thankfully I found a nifty little trial package with (3) organic cotton prefolds and one outer shell. I did order a snappi to go with it so I could really experience the world of prefolds. I really wanted the organic cotton (I figured if I'm gonna do this, may as well go all the way) and luckily this kit had it all for about $20. 

Am I nervous? Heck yea. No one likes poop. 

But I've been interested in them since she was about a week or two old, so I figured it was time to fuel my curiosity and just try them out. I'm already going into this believing that it is by far the best way to diaper your child, but I feel like it's just not for everyone. As a SAHM and someone who wants to be a little more eco-friendly, I think they could be right up my alley. 

But then again...

No one likes poop. 

Wish me luck, Sasha