Our School Essentials for Health and Wellness

We often get asked what our routine is for supplements and oils for our little ones who are in school. There’s so many different things, brands and products out there and each mama has her own system. As long as you have a system in place and you’re using real plant based items for your children (rather than synthetic things with added sugars and dyes) then you are doing the best you can mama!

Unfortunately we can’t protect our children from everything each year. Sniffles and fevers are still bound to occur some, even in our home sometimes. Before Labor Day, our area was already seeing many positive flu tests and lots of strep around. The schools have had many children home sick already this year and to be honest, it is scary!

We do the best we can and each year try to do better. Sometimes when life gets rushed we can forget all of the extra steps to take, but we are striving to always do better here! One of my worst habits is running out of supplements and procrastinating on ordering it. #lazymomsometimes

Below are some of the things we do for our kiddos each year and a few new things we are adding!


Making sure the children receive elderberry (we prefer the gummies unfortunately), Immune vitamins - you can do vitamin C, zinc or a combo and Mightyvites from Young Living. We look for gummies with nothing artificial in them, no high fructose syrup, no dyes and little to no sugar. We also strive to work in probiotics and like Mightypro!


Our kiddos get a roller each to apply or we use our Thieves roll on from Young Living. Our DIY roll ons contain Thieves, Frankincense, Lemon and Copaiba - all wonderful immune boosting oils. We keep a roll on in the car as well to apply during the carpool line if we forget to do it as we head out of the door. Typically we like to apply the roll on to bottoms of feet before shoes go on or down the back of the spine.


We strive to diffuse Thieves and Frankincense a few times a week to cleanse and purify the air. Essential oils, particularly Thieves, can actually kill airborne viruses and bacteria. The second we notice that a child may be struggling with something, the diffusers all get Thieves and they sleep with Thieves, Orange and Frankincense. Once we notice that an immune system may be compromised, we then apply our immune roll ons hourly.

Feather the Owl


While we eat fairly well, we are striving to watch our sugar intake, as sugar can suppress the immune system quite a bit. We are not perfect and allow our children a snack, but monitoring it and being mindful is the first step.


New to our routine is to get our children drinking one ounce of NingXia Red daily from Young Living. This is the most antioxidant rich drink around that is full of omegas, minerals, vitamins and is loaded down with antioxidant support! We noticed that as parents who regularly drink this, we rarely get sick. We also have a child who used to request this pretty regularly and she was usually least affected by illness. So now it will be a matter of trying to get all children on board with it and sticking to a routine.

Immune Supplements for Children


We make a homemade hair spray with Peppermint, Pine, Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oil. We spray it daily in the girls’ hair. These oils are effective in repelling bugs.

Essential Oil Lice Spray


There are certain oils that you just want to have on hand during cold and flu season. Thieves, an immune roll on, Frankincense, RC or Raven, Eucalyptus, DiGize, Peppermint and the Breathe Again roll on is great as well! All of these oils serve different purposes but focus on immune health, respiratory health, coughs, aches, stomach bugs and stuffy noses just to name a few. It’s excellent to have these on hand to support your children year round. Oregano is another powerful oil for killing off germs - just isn’t always the best smell!

Oils for winter wellness


We are not a home with bleach or Lysol, but we DO believe in disinfecting. We disinfect our home naturally with Thieves cleaner. This plant based cleaner is safe for infants and pets as well and smells like Christmas. In previous experiments, it either out performed bleach and Lysol or performing exactly equal!

Doing all of these things doesn’t make us invincible, although the more consistent you are the more likely you will seem like you are! Things sometimes still make their way into our home, but at least we have support to help us get through it and get through it quickly! Often times our oily team will notice that they can recover quicker with oils on hand.

If you’re interested in starting with essential oils or Thieves cleaner, check us out here!