What's Going On With My Blog Today?

Well today as you are reading this scheduled post, I am attempting a girl's trip two hours away for today and tonight. I say attempted because I really don't know how this will go with Little Bug. I have our bags packed and we are going with my mom and aunts BUT this mama is smart enough to drive her own car and leave if Little Bug Diva can't handle it. She is so used to just being at home that sometimes things don't go well at others' houses. However she usually does great in public -- so I'm thinking that with shopping and eating she should do great! It's just going to be a long day and then a hotel stay, so I guess we shall see...

I wanted to remind all of my awesome readers that my One Year Blogiversary is this coming week and I am SO excited!!! I have already kicked off the celebration with some awesome giveaways! I have a great one planned for my actual anniversary and I am so excited about it. I just wanted to remind you guys of what's going on right now on my blog. Once again, thanks for being awesome!

Enter to win a $50 Giftcard to Angel Britches (a local natural
parenting store but with an online webstore) and a Mommy & Baby
Box full of my favorite items. Want to know more about this giveaway and the fun photo contest involved? Check it out here

And local readers enter to win the FREE photography session
giveaway via Facebook!

Whew, that's a lot. Okay so y'all say a little prayer that things are going good for us. 
I'll tweet and let ya know!!

Happy Saturday, Sasha

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Sasha Savoy

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