Advertise on The Mushy Mommy {Giveaway!}

I've been debating for some time now on when the right time would be to open up advertising on my blog and since my one year blogiversary is next week and my page views are growing at nearly 2,000 each month, I've figured now is the best time to do it! 

To kick things off with advertising on The Mushy Mommy I am hosting a week long giveaway where you can win one free spot on my blog for 30 days! If you have a small shop, a personal blog or anything at all that you want to advertise then go ahead and enter this great giveaway!

If anyone is just dying to advertise and would rather just start advertising now and not worry about winning the giveaway(s), send me an email at and I will get you started via PayPal.

My rates are very low in comparison to other blogs but they were established with my current statistics in mind. My little ole blog is growing but still small in comparison to others. This is a great way to get your feet wet when it comes advertising (sponsoring) another blog. I intend on promoting my advertisers frequently to ensure that they receive there moneys worth. I've sponsored several different blogs throughout the last year and I have seen personally what helped my site the most therefore I am confident that I can provide my advertisers with positive results.

Not only I am giving away ONE spot -- but I am actually giving away FOUR more spots!

WAHOO for My One Year Blogiversary Extravaganza! 

The Mushy Mommy is also open to product reviews, giveaways, freelance writing, guest posts and sponsored posts. Please email me for further information. 

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Thanks for reading, Sasha
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