Channing Tatum & a Bumgenius {Giveaway!}

Disclaimer: Okay, I'm not giving away Channing Tatum. I'm just recycling him!

Every Tuesday over at my blog I host a fun linkup, Mommy Has a Green Side, where I share something that I am doing to live my live healthier and/or "greener." When I originally created the linkup (read here) I mentioned tying in some giveaways to go along with it -- so guess what -- today you're getting just that! 

In addition, my One Year Blogiversary for The Mushy Mommy is fast approaching in November, so what better way to celebrate than starting off with a giveaway? Most of you all know that I came from a wedding blog before this, but I just simply outgrew that blog and started to feel like it wasn't really going anywhere or doing anything. I was quickly losing my motivation to write and being pregnant sparked all new topics to write about. P.S. I've finally found my niche and TMM isn't going anywhere! 

I've had so much wonderful things happen since I started The Mushy Mommy and most of all, I have so many new bloggy friends. I'm so thankful to all of you who read regularly and especially those who have been commenting and reading all of my posts since the beginning. Your comments and the fact that you guys even read my blog makes me SO, so, so happy. While my blog is still very little compared to others, it has grown so much lately and I'm so touched by that. I have lots of goals for this little Internet space of mine. 

BUT this isn't actually my one year celebration post -- so I'll stop being so mushy right now and save that for a few weeks. I do have some super, duper fun things planned though! Anywho -- let's kick off the party now!

Has anyone seen that Bumgenius has new diaper prints? I mean can I get an "OMG these are so cute!"

I am giving away ONE Bumgenius 4.0 {Pocket Style} Diaper
The pocket style diapers from Bumgenius are my favorite and also 
seem to be the favorite among many other cloth diaper mamas. 
These are just simply the BEST and I'm dying to have these prints myself. 
Winner gets to choose their print of choice = actual retail value is $19.95

These diapers are only on pre-order right now and shipping will not begin
until December 16, 2013. Therefore the winner will not receive their diaper
until some point after that (I'm assuming December). 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My green task for this week: Is to recycle this large stack of magazines. It's so hard too though when Channing Tatum is staring at me. He is just so delicious. But off he goes to the recycle bin. The sad thing is that I have a whole year's worth of Cosmoplitan and Self that I've yet to read. I have half a mind to just recycle those too!

Linkup for this week's green linkup. Steal one of my icons below and include it in your post. 

Happy Fun Giveaway Green Tuesday!
Thanks for reading, Sasha

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