Foto Friday: Family Pictures and Lots of Kisses

On Wednesday we took Little Bug's {almost} six month pictures! 
These are just the proofs that I have gotten back so far. I can't wait to see more and 
maybe even share some more later on with you. They are amazing! 
How beautiful are these pictures? I mean really, can Little Bug be any cuter?!?

I love this baby so much it is insane. Each day I somehow manage to love her even more. 
We've been getting some good sleep after I've gone back to a later bedtime of 8:40-9:00 so hopefully this keeps up. 
She sure is teething bad though and it's causing some fussiness during the day.
 I really want this teething thing to be over already...but not one tooth has come in yet!

Our Halloween wasn't quite as planned (BOOOO) we didn't get to stroll her around and
trick or treat with my nephew. The weather was horrible and rained the WHOLE evening. 
We still managed to get some great pictures and here is one of us with our Little Ladybug.

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