Bumbo Seat Versus Super Seat

So when I was registering for baby products I was all about a Bumbo seat. The reason being was because it was the only seat that I knew of. My nephew had one and everyone else registered for one, so apparently it was a must have. 

We loved our Bumbo seat and sat Little Bug in there relatively early. With the added play tray she had the perfect little play seat, but it didn't take long for my little Chunky Monkey's thighs to start getting kinda stuck in there. She can still sit in the chair is just doesn't look comfortable. 

I started seeing the Summer Infant Super Seat everywhere and searched it to see how much it was. Well it was a little pricey at Babies R Us so I said nah on that note, but then I found it at Wal-Mart for less and I gave in. 

Here's my "review" on these two seats:

The Bumbo Seat is basically made to help your baby learn to sit upright. It hugs them so that they can be placed in there early on after reaching strong head support. With the added play tray you have a way to feed them, occupy them and so on. However it does not grow with your child; the play tray is annoying to take on and off; the chair does not turn into a booster seat since there are no additional straps to secure it to anything and it's quite pricey for just the seat without the tray. 

The Super Seat goes through three stages to grow with your baby until they are around four years old. It has a foam insert to help hug the baby for early sitters that can be removed once the baby is a little heffalump like mine. There is a removable play tray that spins around for the baby and includes four toys. In addition this seat becomes a booster seat as it has straps to strap down to a chair later on. However the one and only complaint I have is that the tray does not spin easily. I can hardly pull it to rotate so I know that baby can't. I do however love that a piece of the tray clips out similar to a high chair to put baby in easily. 

The Super Seat costs less than the Bumbo seat and comes with more bells and whistles and can be used MUCH longer. If I was doing it all over again, I'd probably just invest in the super seat (I would have just registered for that one). Most people eventually need or want a booster seat, so this is the perfect way to go about it (at least from what I can tell so far). 

Well at least now I have two different seats to occupy baby in while I unload the dishwasher, cook and do all of those FUN things. Hey, whatever works for mommy and baby. 

Bumbo Seat with additional Play Tray

Super Seat

What do you do with your baby while you do housework?

Happy Monday, 
*Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post and I did not receive anything to write it