I Am Guilty Of...

  • Rocking my baby for each nap. Hey it works and I have plenty of time on my hands. 
  • Kissing my baby a ridiculous amount. 
  • Watching all of the Kardashian shows.
  • Not wanting to leave my baby and wondering about her when I do. 
  • Eating chocolate cake for breakfast. 
  • Eating more of that chocolate cake for midday snack and after dinner snack. 
  • Thinking I always need a snack. 
  • Hating the thought of getting dinner started. 
  • Despising each and every person at Wal-Mart. Get. Out. Of. My. Way. 
  • Sometimes feeling like I need a glass of wine after a long day. 
  • Never indulging in a glass of wine anymore. 
  • Not eating enough fruits (haha bring on the wine! Grapes right?)
  • Craving fried chicken more than I should. 
  • Having more fun dressing up my baby than I probably should. 
  • Not going to Church enough. 
  • Not answering emails fast enough or cleaning out my inbox(es). 
  • Having too many dang email addresses. 
  • Thinking my baby is seriously the prettiest dang baby. EVER. (we all do it!)
  • Staying in my pajamas all day. 
  • Hurrying to get dressed before hubby comes home so he doesn't see me in my pjs. Again. 
  • Internet shopping too much. 
  • Never wanting to go back to work because I LOVE my new job. 
  • Trying to be the best dang mommy I can be. 
Oh and I'm guilty of loving baby leg warmers wayyyy toooo much!
It's a cold weather must have!

What are you guilty of?

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