Mommy Has a Green Side

I've been having this nifty little badge sitting in my sidebar now for a couple of weeks and I'm ready to finally do something with it. Since becoming a mom my goal is to live a greener, cleaner lifestyle that will treat this planet a little bit better since after all, it's our children's home too. Not to mention that I want to surround my daughter with healthy things, healthy toys and healthy food. 

Sometimes I think we all just need an extra push to do things a little bit "greener" and for me that push was becoming a mom. Now with my new weekly linkup, I'm trying to push us all to do things a little greener. 

The goal of this linkup is to share the things that we are doing in our everyday lives that make us a little bit more "green." Even if it is just the fact that you recycled that huge plastic bag full of plastic bags (we all have that) or maybe you switched to glass storage containers instead of those plastic ones filled with yucky chemicals; this new linkup is a place to "brag" about what you've done. Most of all, it will inspire us all to see new ways that we can live a healthier lifestyle. There's so much out there that we can do and there is so much knowledge that we need to share about healthier items for our home and our kids. 

The fun thing about this linkup is that it's not just for bloggers. There will also be some Facebook and Twitter interaction as well where non-bloggers can comment with their "green achievement." 

How does it work:

For Bloggers:
Every Tuesday you just linkup over at my blog with your blog post that highlights your green task from the week before (or whenever). It can be one simple thing or maybe you did a whole heap load of fun stuff that you're dying to share. Make sure to share my "Mommy Has a Green Side" image in your post so the graphic can be used and spread across the blogosphere.

For Non-Bloggers:
I will post the image on The Mushy Mommy Facebook page every Tuesday and under that you simply comment with the green thing that you did that week. The same will go for Twitter. 

What Are We Trying to Accomplish:
Living a slightly greener, healthier lifestyle that is friendlier for our environment and better for our health. It can be anything from an organic fruit purchase to using homemade household cleaners. It's totally up to you what you want to share. Just think - your little achievement may inspire someone else to do the same thing. We can start a revolution! Okay,okay...maybe not a revolution, but we can all feel better about what we're doing. 

Well duh - a healthier us and a safer, healthier planet! But okay, really. Besides the obvious, I plan on occasionally working in some fun giveaways to go along with the linkup. Not to mention that through linkups you get to meet all sorts of new bloggers where you can make new friends, gain new followers and possibly increase your blog traffic. Giveaways will be incorporated for Twitter and Facebook users as well. 

So Are You Going to Join Me?
I sure hope so. C'mon -- you don't want to leave me hanging here. I'll remind everyone up until this coming Tuesday and on Tuesday will be the first official "GREEN" linkup! I truly hope you'll join me!

Cause after all, we're going to start a "green" revolution. 

Share either button and spread the news!

Someone is excited about GREEN! 

Can't wait to linkup with everyone!

xoxo, Sasha