Foto Friday Link Up -- Play Dates, Tutus and Fat Rolls

This gorgeous little girl is just growing up so fast. 
She has mastered the roll over -- lay her on her back and she'll soon end up on her tummy.
She has also mastered the puppy dog lip when someone is holding her other than me. 
Hoping she outgrows that one soon (although it is so precious to see that lip!).
Not only has she mastered the lip, but the intense screaming as well. 
Talk about break a mama's heart! 

We had a play date with my best friend and her baby which also happens to
be Little Bug's second cousin. This is the precious little boy that was born 8 weeks early
that I posted about here. Love that handsome little fella. I can't wait to see them really start 
playing together. It's so fun having family and best friends to share these experiences with. 
Don't know what I'd do without the girl up there in that photo. She's literally the best thing ever. 

I also can't get used to the crazy positions Little Bug is taking her naps in. 
Such a big girl now. Guess we'll need bigger bows soon.

And for a quick phone photo -- even Hunter wants in on story time in our home!

There is still new things to come the site as well as a new watermark for my photos!
WOOHOO. I'm so pleased with my design and can't wait for extra features coming.

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Happy Foto Friday, Sasha

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