Recipe: Excuse Me, Where's MY Sauce?

Who would have thought that pasta didn't need sauce to go along with it?
I always just assumed pasta needed sauce. But it really doesn't. 
This was a quick and easy meal that happened accidentally as hubby was eating sauce
that I couldn't eat due to a milk ingredient in it.
 So I improvised with the other ingredients: veggies and pasta. 
It was actually SO good that I made some more for lunch recently. 

Red Bell Pepper
Green Bell Pepper
Tomato (add these towards the end)
Salt + Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Steam the veggies down in the skillet with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
and then add some salt and pepper. Fix with pasta of your choice and WA-LA.

You have a dairy free meal that is light, quick and easy.
And did I say yummy? It's very yummy. With the juices from the veggies and the 
zest from the tomato and the kick from the pepper - - it's veggie perfection.
Who would have ever thought?

Do you usually eat sauce on your pasta?

xoxo, Sasha