A Baby Shower After the Baby

Today I am attending my best friend's shower who was supposed to be about 33 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow, but her little man decided he was ready to enter this world on Monday, February 26. At 32 weeks, her water broke and her contractions took off and within just a couple of hours her son was born at 4lbs 14oz. Quite a little potato; but thankfully he was a potato because the more weight the better. 

He didn't need oxygen quite a first and they were able to hold him before he was brought to NICU where he was been since. He was on oxygen for a little while but now he is off and is such a little trooper! He's taking some bottles; treating his jaundice; and chilling in his fancy incubator. Can't imagine how hard it is to have to leave in the evenings and go home without your baby; but all that matters is that he is safe and healthy and in good hands. He is so freaking adorable and I can't wait to hold him. I'm looking forward to many play dates with our little bambinos! 

Just wanted to share with you guys! My nephew was born at 27 weeks at 2lbs 5.6 oz. and is now an adorable, smart and ridiculously funny 4.5 year old. God always answers prayers. And miracles really do exist. And thank goodness for wonderful hospitals with awesome staff. 

{My best friend and I...she's about 20 weeks here and I was 16 weeks}
Our babies are actually second cousins :)
So proud of how strong she's been in handling this! 

Happy Sunday, Funday!