Mommy's Milk Does the Baby Good

I found this on Facebook in my Breastfeeding support group and thought I should share. 
Makes me proud to know that I can provide this for my child and it's a journey I'm loving 
more each and every day (no matter how bad I want a glass of milk or some cheese).
It's just truly beautiful, amazing and so rewarding for not just baby, but mommy too. 

Since today is somewhat of a lazy-kinda-sorta-busy day, I'm just dropping in for a second. 
I'm getting ready for Little Bug's Baptism and Party tomorrow and spending time with 
the hubby while he is off. Speaking of breastfeeding, I'm going to eat a piece of Bug's
Baptism cake tomorrow to test her dairy allergy so I can confirm if it is dairy or nuts. 
I'm SO excited about that cake. 
It's ridiculous how excited I am. 
Like seriously. 

Happy Weekend! Sasha