Creating an Easy Flower Box

I have tried many different combinations in these sweet little flower boxes and finally, we have success and beautiful growth that is full and vibrant. In the past I have tried things like herbs, cascading plants and whatever else I could come up with but they never stayed looking full or healthy.

For these flower boxes I purchased Begonias, Petunias, Pansys and Marigolds. I personally LOVE the Begonias in here because they are so full and help bring the overall look together in these boxes. I also enjoy Marigolds around our home as those are low maintenance and easy to thrive.

In each flower box there are 3 Begonias (buy a six pack and split them), 3 Petunias, 3-4 Pansys and 2 Marigolds. These flower boxes are watered daily and have been fertilized every couple of weeks (shoutout to my husband if he’s reading this for doing that). Another thing to keep them looking vibrant is to pull the dead blooms off to make room for new growth!

If anything, just make sure to make your boxes full! Use something like a Begonia that is low maintenance and very full and green to give your box life! Believe me, I never thought I would be able to add a section to our blog on plants and flowers, but as it turns out, anyone can have a green thumb. You just have to start digging, start learning and start trying (trying translates to remembering to water!).

Sources: Boxes from Wal Mart, Brackets from Lowe’s and flowers from Lowe’s