What to Try After the Young Living Starter Kit

Do you know what I love about sharing oils and natural living with other people? It’s that often times one little box of oils or some Thieves cleaner is the gateway tool to opening up a life of health and wellness for people. I have continuously over years shared health and wellness before any paycheck was involved, because sharing is caring. Sharing facts, research and testimonies with others is something I enjoy because you get to see their life change, sometimes slowly or sometimes very fast.

In my business I get the joy of watching people make changes. Some of them ditch and switch their products SO fast and others do it little by little overtime. There’s no right or wrong way, there’s just one way - to be conscious of what you’re using and think about making changes and researching those changes.

Sometimes people want to try just the oils in Young Living and then sometimes people are ready to go all in with switching their products in their home and beauty routine to our natural, plant based products. All of YL's products are infused with our pure oils, giving you constant benefit to our oils! Honestly, very rarely am I ordering a ton of oils - our regular orders (that are optional because YL does not require monthly orders) contains our personal care products!

Below you can find some of my favorite recommendations beyond the starter kit. I hope you find this tool helpful and feel free to share with your friends, just always remember to credit the source.

What to Buy After the Starter Kit



  • Thieves cleaner: One bottle makes approximately 30 spray bottles and can last nearly a year. It will naturally disinfect and remove stains from EVERY surface. Safe for kids and babies!

  • Super B: The supplement I talk the most about. It contains Nutmeg and all 8 B vitamins that you need for healthy energy levels. 

  • NingXia Zyng: A replacement for your cokes and energy drinks! Light kick in the afternoon and tastes wonderful!

  • Thieves foaming hand soap: Won't dry out your hands, kills germs without added antibiotics like normal soaps and is safe for little ones. Pour out half of it and store it away and top the bottle off with water. One soap can then become TWO!


Did you know that YL has a kid's line? These oils are prediluted for you to safely apply with no worries about diluting! We love the tummy oil, sleepy oil, sniffle oil and owie oil. Gentle Baby is another wonderful smell and calming oil for mothers and new babies. 

Lastly, YL has a kid's line of wash, soap, lotions, toothpaste and vitamins. We love the KidScents line and even more so, we love the Seedlings baby line. Even our 5 year old will bathe with Seedlings because it smells SO GOOD. All natural, infused with calming oils for little ones!


  • Envision: Uplifting scent that can be used as a perfume or wonderful diffusing scent. Very uplifting oil!

  • Tangerine: Tangerine or Orange are two of my favs. Add to water, add to any emotional oil blend, add to kid's rollers for calming and joy. You can also add Orange to your toothpaste to naturally whiten your teeth. Citrus oils are naturally "happy" oils. R.C.: Stands for Respiratory Care! This is similar to Raven but with a sweeter smell and tends to be the favorite oil among many for respiratory health. 

  • Lime: Add it to any diffuser blend, your water, your NingXia, Margaritas, Fajitas, Salsa, Guacamole, Hummus and more! 

  • Joy: Made of very uplifting aromas that include some beautiful flowers, this oil can be used as a perfume and to create more joy in your life! Diffuse it or wear it and you'll find this oil to be very emotionally uplifting in times of need. If you are going through hard times, this can be your BFF. 

  • Purification: An old favorite among many! This oil can actually eliminate odors and cleanse the air of pet odor, cigarette smell, metallics and more. Use it as a bug repellent with some citronella oil or peppermint! This oil used to come in the starter kit, but due to low abundance of crops this oil has been replaced in the kits with Citrus Fresh.

  • Cedarwood: Am earthy, woodsy scent that many (including men) will enjoy! Use to nourish hair and help it grow. Add to shampoo or mascara! This oil is also a favorite for sleep and because of its calming affect, it is often used for hyperactive children and children with focus issues. 

  • Premade Roll Ons: These are the best! They are already diluted so they are easy to use for the whole family! We love Breathe Again for sinus/stuffy nose, Deep Relief for ALL the aches and pains (men love this one) and Thieves to swipe on real quick before heading to school or parties. You can always make your own with your oils from the starter kit - but truth be told is that not every gal is a DIYer!

    FOR YOU:

  • Savvy Minerals lip gloss: Oh so many colors to try! We love Savvy Minerals makeup and the lip glosses wear so well! Try Maven for date night or Abundance for during the day!

  • Meadow Mist Deodorant: If there were one thing a woman should clean up in her routine, it's her deodorant! Mainstream deodorants are filled with cancerous and hormone disrupting ingredients and since you're applying this on the lymph nodes and near the breast tissue, you want a clean product! Also, anti perspirant really isn't good for your body because want NEED to sweat to help the body drain toxins. 

  • Satin Mint Facial Scrub: Because every woman needs a good exfoliator! 

  • Tranquil Roll On: Because #momlife

  • ART facial care: "Age Refining Technology" -- these products are wonderful! It's luxurious skin care that can help fight the signs of aging and help you maintain youthful looking skin but without the toxic ingredients. It has some of our best oils in it! If this is out of your price range, try our Orange Blossom or Mirah face care. 

  • Progessance Plus: A natural form of progesterone extracted from wild yams. Add 1-2 drops to your forearms and eventually you'll notice a difference in your mood, skin, energy and more. Things like happiness, patience, better cycles, clearer skin, regular cycles, and MUCH MORE. If you feel comfortable, test your hormone levels with your doctor prior to using this.

These are just my personal recommendations for you to try beyond the starter kit. There are SO many products and oils to try, but these tend to be favorites among many and also many that are low cost. Young Living has many, many oils under $25 that you can try for support or just for a beautiful aroma.

What did you first try after the starter kit?