10 Ways to Use Lavender Oil

10 Ways to Use Lavender Oil

If you ask many people what their favorite oil is, you will often times get told Lavender. Whether it is because of the smell or just because of the wide variety of uses, people just love Lavender oil. To be honest, I can name so many other oils that I enjoy the aroma of more than Lavender, yet Lavender remains our most widely used oil in our home.

Lavender is often referred to as the “swiss army knife” of the oils because there are so many uses for it! It’s one of THE oils you need in your toolbox of support. This oil is wonderful for mothers, children, adults and more. Because of the gentleness of the oil, rarely does it actually have to be diluted (but we do recommend diluting on infants).

Below are some popular uses for Lavender oil! These are just some of the uses that we use the oil for as well as what others commonly use Lavender for too.

10 Ways to Use Lavender Oil

  1. SLEEP. This is perhaps the most widely known use of Lavender oil is the ability it has to promote an environment that promotes sleep and to relax the mind and body whether it’s used aromatically or topically. We have seen awesome results in the past when using Frankincense with Lavender for infant sleep! If you have trouble sleeping at night, try diffusing it in your room and/or applying it to the bottoms of your feet before bed. You can also add some drops to a small glass bottle of water and witch hazel and spritz your bedding each night!

  2. OWIES. This is what we use Lavender oil for ALL the time! Lavender oil can naturally cleanse wounds and owies so in a home with three little ones, it’s what we use on all of the scrapes, booboos and small cuts. This oil is also gentle and effective on small burns and can help support it from blistering and scarring! Lavender also has the ability to tame the stinging from small burns and bug bites.

  3. SKIN. While it’s great for treating booboos on the skin, Lavender is also widely used for skin care. Whether you have blemishes or just need help with clearing any sort of skin issue up, Lavender oil is usually going to help do the trick! Add it to your moisturizer, face wash or just apply directly on spots!

  4. RELAXATION. As we mentioned before, Lavender oil works with our body and brain to calm us down. For those who struggle with finding some “zen” in their day, Lavender can promote calmness, relaxation and even help calm hyperactive children who lose focus throughout the day. Whether used topically or aromatically, Lavender oil works with the limbic part of our brain to help regulate our emotions and get us into the relaxed, calm state we wish to be in. Add some to some epsom salts for your own bath soak!

  5. SEASONAL THREATS. When combined with lemon and peppermint, Lavender is a great tool for supporting seasonal symptoms and respiratory junk related to seasonal irritations. Apply topically, diffuse or ingest (only Young Living brand is what I recommend) to make your own seasonal “bombs” to support seasonal health.

  6. REPLACE SYNTHETIC SCENTS. Use lavender oil to replace all of the toxic scents being used in your home. Whether it’s on wool dryer balls to replace dryer sheets, in a diffuser to replace candles, in a mop bucket to replace cleaners, or to replace your perfume, you can use this oil to replace all of the artificial scents wreaking havoc on your body! Synthetic fragrances are now linked to cancer, hormone disruption, fatigue, emotional issues and much more.

  7. AFTER SUN SPRAY. Add 15 drops of Lavender to a small glass spray bottle with water and witch hazel and you have an after sun spray to cool your body off and help support your skin from TOO MUCH sun!

  8. HAIR HEALTH! Promote healthy hair and even hair growth naturally but adding drops of Lavender to your hair products or by creating your own lash boost with Lavender oil and castor oil!

  9. MINOR ACHES. While it’s not often the go to oil for aches, Lavender can support the body with minor aches and pains! Just rub directly onto location.

  10. COOKING. Okay, Lavender lemonade anyone??!?!?! Lavender Vitality oil is a great oil to add to citrus dishes when you need help cutting down the citrus flavor!

What are some of your favorite ways to use Lavender oil??

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