Holiday Diffuser Blends

Holiday Diffuser Blends

I am pretty sure that diffusing essential oils during the holiday season is quite possibly the BEST time ever to diffuse essential oils. Goodbye toxic Christmas candles and say hello to nature's goodness! 

There are so many yummy recipes you can come up with based on the oils you have or perhaps you're in the market to grab some oils to make your home smell like a fancy Christmas store. Either way, play with your oils to test and try out different recipes. Use our guide here for some great recipes! 

There's nothing better than spreading a little Christmas cheer. Did you know that your sense of smell is the fastest way to support or effect the emotional part of your brain? When you inhale an oil, the tiny particles absorb in your mucosa, then straight into a layer that delivers them right to the limbic system, the place where our emotions and memories are all stored. This is how certain smells bring us right back to childhood memories! This is also how Young Living focuses on emotional blends by helping our bodies improve a frequency or experience a particular emotion that we may wish to feel. 

THIS is how oils can help you daily. Whether it is because you want your home to smell like it has a real Christmas tree that brings you straight back to your childhood, or because you need some emotional support throughout the day - this is how you can use oils to improve your lifestyle. 

But enough about that. Go and diffuse some oils so your home will smell like Christmas heaven. And if you're not an oiler yet but ready to jump in, then visit more here and sign up here to join my team and private communities. Let's get some Christmas time cheer into your home!

Wishing you a wonderful and Merry Holiday Season!

Christmas Diffuser Blends
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