Christmas Bucket List for Children

Christmas Bucket List


Riding through the Smoky Mountains looking at Christmas lights with "Christmas in Dixie" playing in the background. Decorating the tree on Black Friday while blaring Christmas music and snacking on Thanksgiving leftovers (cold ham and chocolate pie to be exact). Riding around looking at Christmas lights with Christmas music on. Christmas mornings in pajamas with hot cocoa and donuts. These are just a few of the sweet memories that I have of Christmases growing up. 

Christmas is one of the most anticipated and cherished times for parents (well anyone really). We long for the joy it brings, the gift of giving, the secretly surprising our little ones with something they will love and the LOVE of Christ, community and family that surrounds us. 

Unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of it all, we can become lost in the gift lists, store trips, holiday baking, parties and more. It can easily become overwhelming but it shouldn't. In fact, it should be one of the most intentional months if you ask me. Taking the time to be in every moment and fully immersed into the holiday. Whether it is with an Advent calendar or a bucket list of yearly traditions, some old and some new, being intentional is important to me so I can create lasting memories for my children. 

I want them to hear a song and go right back into time, just as "Christmas in Dixie" can do for me. I want my children to smell a Christmas scent or see a favorite dessert and remember the time they baked Christmas cookies with me. 

I want to be unafraid of the messes, the hard to cook recipes, the pies I have never baked and the crafts I may fail at. Christmas only comes one time a year and it's already "the most wonderful time of the year." Make it intentional, mamas. Stop, slow down and enjoy the moment. Create lasting memories and new traditions to build on each year. Use our quick bucket list guide to help spark your imagination on things that you can do with your family this holiday season. 

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 


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