A Louisiana Snow Day

We live in south Louisiana where snow is a rare treat. And by rare treat, I mean like every ten years or so. In fact, the last time I recall us getting anything close to this was in 2008. I went to bed Thursday night hopeful that the weather man would be somewhat accurate since my four year old overheard there *might* would be snow and I desperately wanted just as bad as her for him to be right. 

All throughout the night I would look out of the windows and check the views as I woke up to feed the baby. Each view showed more signs of white, but I could have never imagined what we would wake up to that next morning. My husband left for work, and in the midst of my sleeping and hearing him off, I knew it must not have been too much if he was going to the office still. 

To wake up and see the beauty that laid before me had me crying tears of joy. Tears of joy because it was breathtakingly beautiful, tears of joy because this is our first Christmas in our first home and most of all, tears of joy because my children would have one of the best days ever and they don't even know it yet.

I hope that we can relive days like this more often, but I know that in the south, that's a rare chance. But here's to hoping for more winter magic ahead of us.