Happy 2nd Birthday Little Bug

Today the love of my life is two years old.

That's two years of cuddles, kisses, snuggles and more.

Two years of tears, laughter and unconditional love beyond measure.

It's two years of being a mother for me.

Two years of worrying if I'm doing things right or wrong.

Two years of wondering if I'm leading her in the right direction.

Two years of worrying if she's eating healthy enough, playing hard enough and being taught enough.

Two years of hoping that I am every bit the mother that I want to be.

But two years of realizing that there really isn't a



It's two years gone by in a mass of years that lie ahead.

Two years that are a true blessing that I thank God for every day.

Two years of praying that I can continue to see her thrive, grow up and live her life as she should.

Two years of worrying over little fevers, simple belly aches and teething troubles.

Two years of kissing all of the boo boo's and two years of snuggling for any and every reason.

Two years of drying the tears and now taming the toddler meltdowns.

It has been the most wonderful, exhausting and glorious two years of my life.

I have been blessed with the spunkiest and yet sweetest little girl to call mine.

I have been blessed to be called, "Mama" or "Ma" or "



I am so in love with this toddler and even when she exhausts me to the core with her

toddler twos and her "my way of the highway" personality, she excites me with every

 new discovery and every new thing that she does.

She loves me endlessly and that's the greatest gift of all.

For two years she has needed me in every way possible...and I love it.

For two years I have been loved and loved beyond what I can ever explain.

And it's just the beginning.

Happy Second Birthday to my love, my best gal pal and the person that I spend nearly every minute of every day with. You are my world and you are my heart (and now my heart gets to expand for your  sister -- so please understand). You are my light and I love you for being YOU. You are the best gift I've ever been given, the greatest blessing I'll ever have and the deepest love I'll ever know.