The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2015

This was my first year to host the

Great Cloth Diaper Change

, and only my second year to participate at all and I must say, it was FUN. The Great Cloth Diaper Change is pretty much like the coolest worldwide event for us cloth diaper mamas; and actually it is probably the only event for us!

Normally the GCDC is a Guinness World Record event where all participating locations around the world tally up the number of babies changed into cloth on that specific day and a new world record is set. In 2014, over 9,770 babies were changed around the world on that day into a cloth diaper. It was a new world record and while the GCDC was not affiliated with the Guinness World Records this year, we are still awaiting the results to see if the record was broken or not.

It's in actuality such a simple event -- you bring some cloth diapers and you change your baby. Kapeesh.

That's it. But as a host, I learned this year that it really is a lot more than just that. There's many things that go into the planning of it based on how big and grand you want the event. There's money to shell out and there's many rules and regulations to be followed in order for participating locations to qualify. And most of all, it's not just a day to change your baby's diaper and make a point -- BUT -- it is a day to mingle and meet with other like minded mamas and to bring awareness to the awesome impact that cloth diapers can have on the environment and your baby.

We had a very successful first year despite some nasty weather that forced us to change our outdoor event to an indoor one. While we had many more people pre-registered, we still had an amazing turnout! We also had a little hiccup in setting up early because of some problems with our location as well as having our witness not show up; but we now know all the ropes for next year and can't wait. It is my hope to continue to make the GCDC a bigger event for our area with a few fun classes (babywearing yoga anyone?) and fun activities for the kiddos. Who knows what will happen next year, but I already can't wait!

A sincere thank you to our mamas who drove out in the nasty weather to join us. It was SO fun and meant the world to me. And a special thanks to the Louisiana State Capitol for working with us as best as they could and of course a BIG thank you to my husband, mom and friends who helped set up and run the show with me. I could have NEVER done it without them (not as big and pregnant as I was anyway!).

Enjoy these pictures from our event! These are just a few as I've decided to respect our mama's privacy by not placing several pictures up online of their baby.

Once we know the new total, we will share it with you guys!

Our Baton Rouge, LA location had 24 participating babies! WAHOO!!!!