Bonga Foods and the African Baobab Tree

Bonga Foods first began by developing superfood chews that came from the Baobab tree in Africa, which happens to be one of the most nutritious fruits on Earth. It's a health nut's dream and it just so happens to be driven by three mothers who were on a mission to provide children with healthier snacks.

The Baobab fruit has 12x more fiber than an apple, 4x more potassium than a banana, 10x more antioxidants than blueberries and 6x more vitamin C than an orange. That's a whole lot of nutritious deliciousness in one fruit! And since it's not just a fruit that we can grow here in our backyards, you can only imagine the money, time and production that goes into harvesting and manufacturing this product.

So what does Bonga Foods offer? They offer superfood chews and organic powders composed of all of these nutritious benefits that are healthy for the whole family. Their line of powders can be used in smoothies, oatmeals and yogurts; while the amazing superfood chews can be added to anything you like from salads to trail mix. Their superfood chew pouches are wonderful snacks for the kids and promote healthy eating.

This company not only works hard to bring you amazing and rare superfoods, but also gives back through the Bonga Foundation where they promote women entrepreneurship, give back to children and support local harvesters. A small business giving back --- I LOVE to hear that! As a small business owner, it is my hope to one day offer a program or way to give to those in need.

So why visit them? 

Because Bonga Foods is currently trying to expand their reach and nutritious deliciousness by adding in a chia line and moringa line, while helping local farmers and harvesters along the way. By supporting their kickstarter campaign, you can receive some wonderful goodies from their current line of products and test them out for yourself. Running and operating a business is hard work and when you dream big, you sometimes need that support behind you. If Bonga Foods seems appealing to you and you want to know more about them, their products and what they stand for, them make sure to visit them!

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