20 Things to Anticipate With Two Kids

"I'll take a belly picture tomorrow."

When you're pregnant with your first you're so excited to take belly pictures, pin cute baby pins on Pinterest and stare at your registry for days making sure it's just perfect. You edit your registry 131 times and you edit your Pinterest board numerous times to make sure it totally and completely reflects your unborn child's style.

When you're pregnant with your second bundle of joy, things aren't always quite the same thanks to your bouncing-keep-you-on-your-toes baby number one. A second pregnancy is quite different since you can't just sit on the sofa and stare at your ever growing belly while whispering sweet nothings to it. Instead you get to sit on the sofa for about five minutes listening to Mickey Mouse while a toddler jumps up and down around you and you protect that sweet bump in fear of it becoming a bouncing pad. The toddler may accidentally kick you once or twice, nothing to really worry about, but enough to make you want to curl into the fetal position and hide the massive basketball under your pajamas that you're still in at noon (complete with Christmas socks one month after Christmas).

Motherhood with just one is so much fun, so exhausting and so worth it. Sure you may pick up food off the floor three times a day because some little person doesn't seem to understand that throwing their plate isn't the proper way to announce they are done with dinner. And sure you may wipe their ass and then walk around smelling like poop for a few hours only to discover some got stuck in your nail bed. Well played, kid, well played. But it really is all worth it.

So now you have another one on the way and despite your lack of bump photos, cute Pinterest pins and your lack of well, anything since you're so damn lazy these days, you're still so anxious to meet this new little bundle. While having two young kids sounds exhausting, it also sounds so amazing. As exciting as the first was, number two brings about a whole new world of excitement.

There's so many things that I can't wait for with two kiddos. I'm sure there will be plenty of things that will drive me bonkers, make me want to pull my hair out and make me have to pull the car over - but I can't wait. And here's exactly what I can't wait for...

  1. The first time I hold them both in my arms together. 
  2. The moment that big sibling gets to hold and love on the new little bundle. 
  3. The first time we can all lie in our big bed on a Sunday morning with daddy and play, watch cartoons and cuddle. 
  4. The first time I feel like supermom because they both take a nap at the same time.
  5. The first time they wear semi-matching outfits complete with matching bows. 
  6. The first time the littlest laughs at the biggest. 
  7. The first time two of them can run into our room to declare that Santa has passed. 
  8. The first time I catch them playing together on their own and really getting along.
  9. The first time they can help me bake cookies from scratch and then we can all devour them.
  10. The first time that we play dress up, have a dance party and showcase our talents for daddy. 
  11. The first time that we can all take a nap together with endless cuddles; I really hope this can happen. 
  12. The first time they color a picture for each other.
  13. The first time they leave bubbles everywhere for me to clean up after bath time (I need to remember to come read this post when I'm annoyed at the mess). 
  14. The first time they fight over something ridiculously silly that all I can do is laugh at them.
  15. The first time we all cuddle and pop popcorn to watch a movie. Frozen. Cinderalla. Rapunzel. 
  16. The first time we all sit and do our nails (hey I'll have two girls...)
  17. The first time they sit and cuddle on daddy and force him to watch Frozen for the 90th time. 
  18. The first time one can hardly pronounce the other's name so from there a nickname is born.
  19. The first time they hug on their own. Swoon.
  20. And of course the feeling of loving two and being loved by two beautiful and pure little beings. 

What was having two young ones like for you?