Green Baby {and non toxic} Essentials

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting things, yet it can also be the scariest thing too.

Will I be able to take care of a little human being? Will I do a good job of keeping them safe? What are the best products to use and geez, how do I place them down to sleep safely?

These are just a few of the questions that can run through a new mom's worrisome and excited little mind. 

Choosing the right products can be hard because there are SO many out there and so many that claim to be safe for baby. Granted most all products are safe for baby on some level, but it just depends on how "safe" you want to go. There are so many honest, good brands out there that need the awesome recognition they deserve because their products are indeed pretty amazing and safe. Not to mention, there are numerous products and items available to help you out to a green start for baby. A natural, safe and environmentally friendly start for your little one! 

Glass Bottles: With my first daughter we only used five bottles and they were Dr. Brown's brand that we loved. I nursed so much that the five got us through a whole year. Now that I know more and have done more research, I will be switching to Dr. Brown's glass bottles for baby number two. While plastic is deemed safe, in actuality it still slowly leaches out chemicals especially with warmer substances inside. Glass is the old fashioned, healthier way to go and there are numerous brands available for great prices. We need to make glass mainstream again! 

Natural and Eco Friendly Feeding Items: There's numerous ways to go with this category. Bamboo, stainless steel items; glass items or plastic made from recycled milk jugs that are also available in our store. Your goal is to always want to eliminate as much plastic as you can. Plastic is just awful but of course, not always avoidable. 

Natural Teethers and Early Toys: In the beginning your baby will put any and everything in their mouth. My husband and I were crazy about what went in our daughter's mouth during teething. After my shower I returned so many teethers because I knew and researched about healthier options out there. Shoot for bamboo, organic cloth or cotton, natural rubber (Sophie the Giraffe) and silicone free of toxins. Stay away from plastics and cute little things that can break off and become a choking hazard.

Organic Sheets and Blankets: I know, this one probably seems a bit much. While not many of us (me included) will have our kids dressing in all organic clothes, we can strive for organic sheets, onesies and blankets for those early days. Your baby has just left the safest environment ever and their sweet skin is so delicate and sensitive. At least for sleep time (where they spend most of their time), provide as much as a safe and non toxic environment as you can. 

Cloth Diapers and Natural Disposables: Pictured above is a Rumparooz cloth diaper and a disposable diaper from the Honest Co. Now if you really want to be green and budget friendly, you'd choose cloth diapers. Modern cloth is easy, convenient, inexpensive (in comparison to disposable) and so much cuter. However not every mama is a cloth type of girl and that's okay; that's what non toxic, biodegradable disposables are for! These diapers are made of high quality and in my opinion are even better than mainstream brands. They are completely natural and won't sit in landfills for decades like mainstream disposables will. Sometimes those pesky diaper rashes are simply from the harsh chemicals in mainstream brands. As a cloth diaper mama, we do Honest diapers for the first few weeks and then jump into our cloth!

Natural Skin Care Products: This is an easy, peasy route and tends to be the route most taken. Many mainstream brands have been under fire recently for having products that contain harmful toxins and known carcinogens. While granted the toxins are in small amounts, these products are used by many families for many years. We need to start our baby off healthy and as natural as possible. Choose a natural company not just because of the safe products they offer, but because of their commitment and research that goes into making safe, natural products for your baby. Most of these companies also practice eco friendly manufacturing and packaging. Some of the best and most popular brands (Earth Mama Angel Baby, Motherlove and Balm Baby) are available in our store! 

What are your safe and green go to items for baby?