Bringing Birth Back

I was approached to share this info graphic on my blog and decided that it was a great fit for myself and my readers. Please note, that if you have done the research and the risks to ANY birthing method (I'm not just talking cesareans) then

I support you. 

Is there too high of a cesareans and induction rate in America?


Can we change that?

Yes, we should.

Is it sometimes necessary?

Most definitely!

But are we sometimes led to believe it is necessary when it really may not be?

Unfortunately, yes. This happens more than you can imagine and leaves many mothers saddened over their birth experience.

Know your options, know the risks to any option you choose and most of all mamas, know that you have the right to stand up for what you believe in for you and your baby. Never let a doctor convince you of something if you aren't convinced yourself. Have a voice; but most of all, have a beautiful labor and delivery no matter what you choose!

My only wish is for every mama to have a beautiful experience with a healthy outcome.

Now, I'll let the images say the rest

(FYI: I'm not a fan of forceps and vacuums, but if it does prevent surgery then it is a wonderful option)


Bringing Birth Back


Thank you to all of the doctors, midwives, Doulas, activists and more that fight for us and care for us.

What's your opinion on childbirth in America?