We're Having a Baby!

Hopefully you caught the announcement on my social networks over the weekend, but if not, then GUESS WHAT?!?!

Yes, we are having baby #2! Little Bug will become a big sister on or around June 7, 2015 and we couldn't be happier. My mind has been running with lots of ideas for posts as believe me, I have plenty to talk about already!

At first it was hard to let it sink in that I was pregnant again. I was so consumed with opening up the shop and with chasing a toddler, that many days I didn't really remember I was pregnant until I laid down at night; but then I'd go to sleep with a smile on my face! Pregnancy the second time around sure is different when you have a bouncing toddler to take care of as well.

Very. Different.

After a week or two of that positive pregnancy test, there was no "forgetting" that I was pregnant again. So far this bundle of joy is proving to be just like it's sister...high maintenance! To say that my days have been a tad rough is an understatement. Between nausea, throwing up, exhaustion and just simply not feeling well, it's been kinda rough (but so worth it, I know). So far this pregnancy is proving to be just like pregnancy number one which makes me assume that I'll be hugging the toilet the whole nine months like I did with Little Bug.

Let's hope maybe it's a little easier.

Heck, I even had plans for a fancy announcement photo but then my pregnancy laziness kicked in. ;)

So folks, this sweet baby growing inside of my is why I have slacked lately at blog posts and what not. It's been hard to get to the computer, but thankfully my days are getting better so I'm hoping to keep rocking on. I am so excited to share another journey with you and so excited to be pregnant again. Despite being so sick with my first, I was anxious to get pregnant again because it is simply wonderful!

I can't wait to meet this little bebe already. It's amazing the love you can already form for a little being you've never met and even when your heart is so consumed with your other child/children.

A mother's love has no limits. It is endless.