20 Reasons Why We Need a Baby Daddy

Please note, that this is supposed to be a humorous post about why dads are cool and helpful. This is not a "sexist" post to make one parent feel incapable. XO.

  1. Well, because mama can't fertilize her eggs without daddy. We should start with that point.
  2. Because cribs aren't easy to assemble. That's a man's job. 
  3. Because bath time follows dinner time and the dishes don't clean themselves. And dads make baths more fun anyway. 
  4. Because eventually boobs need a break and bottles come in handy. 
  5. Because diaper bags, bottle coolers and strollers aren't light. Muscles and extra hands are nice. 
  6. Because a crying baby at a restaurant is a good excuse for dad to get some fresh air. And mama to be able to finally eat a meal in peace. 
  7. Because God made mothers with one set of hands and fathers with the extra helping set. 
  8. Because sometimes diapers are just too gross for mom to change. Wait, that's wrong. Dads usually make mama change the bad ones, so scratch that thought. 
  9. Because mamas aren't able to toss baby up that high. Our reflexes for catching aren't quite spot on either. Yet we almost always have a little heart attack when daddy throws baby. 
  10. Because men can make much funnier faces than mama which results in endless baby smiles and giggles. Maybe they just already look funny to begin with...
  11. Because mama can't cook dinner with a baby clinging to her legs. Hello 5 o'clock knockoff. 
  12. Because mama can't run in heels to chase a running toddler. Daddy to the rescue
  13. Because sometimes mama just needs a 30 second back rub. And then we always beg for another twenty minutes. Pleaseeeeee.....
  14. Because sometimes massages lead to yea, you know what. And sometimes mama just needs some lovin'.
  15. Because daddies always buy the best presents. Even matching diamonds for mama and baby. 
  16. Because no one can swaddle a baby like daddy can. Hello burrito baby.
  17. Because a baby in a diaper laying on a daddy without a shirt makes a mama's heart swell. Skin to skin is for daddies too. 
  18. Because someone needs to teach a son how to play catch. Dad throws a bit better than me I'm sure.
  19. Because someone needs to be a little girl's first love. 
  20. And lastly, because a baby needs a father to teach them all about life. To make them laugh when they get a boo boo and to pick them up when they are down. To be their best friend, protector and provider. To be their dad. 

And for me personally, because I need that man for my happily ever after. Because him, along with our child,


my happily ever after. 

Why do you need a baby daddy?

Thanks so much for reading and make sure to share it with the baby daddies out there. 


The Honest Company