Life as a Mom Blogger

Here's a fun and true glimpse at life as a blogger...especially a mom blogger...enjoy!

When people we know personally tell us how much they love reading our blogs, we instantly blush and become as a shy as a five year old at show and tell. So people


read my blog?

And like it?

We all dream of having a post going viral. Each time you share our posts, we cross our fingers in hopes that it'll be that post that goes viral.

We also do a happy dance with each share.

Speaking of sharing, sometimes we have to pay to get our posts in your news feed on Facebook. Yea that's right, when you see the words "sponsored" next to a post in your Facebook news feed, that means we put our money up to get it there because Facebook pages don't always really get our stuff out there.

Sooooooooo when you share it, you make our day!

Speaking of paying, there are bloggers who get paid a ton of money to do what they do. I mean ton as in they can totally support their family. Then there are bloggers who take about a year to reach their Google ads threshold to get their revenue from ads.

Yay for a $100 check once a year! 

Most of us feel like we're working a full time job, but with little to no pay.

And that's okay.

Most of us, actually all of us, didn't start blogging because of money. We started writing because we love it and we have something to share with the world. 

Many of us pour our whole hearts into these blogs. We go to bed thinking of posts, we wake up from our sleep to finish posts and we stress about what to write about.

All for what?

For sharing our words with the world; for leaving our legacy behind; and for wanting to impact this world. 

We can never seem to keep up with our emails.

But that's a good thing...

We buy fancy planners to keep our "things" organized but we don't always use them. 

Speaking of organization, we rarely are organized. 

We don't always get to sit at a pretty desk surrounded by vases of peonies and pretty pencils to publish our posts. Most of us, especially us mommy bloggers, are sitting at our kitchen tables in our pajamas scrambling to get a post published while the kids nap. never gets done. 

Mom bloggers cherish their kid's naps a heck of a whole lot. 

We like to think that one day our blogs will make a difference in the world. 

Stay at home mom bloggers battle with the question of

"what do you do for a living?"

We ponder over whether or not we should say we are a writer, an author, a work at home mom, just a stay at home mom, or even the ever so plain, "I'm a blogger" response. To which we'll likely get a chuckle or a blank stare in return.

We have beautiful business cards but sometimes we're too humble to hand them out.

We almost always forget to do a monthly update of our baby's growth or a weekly update of our pregnancy.

Sometimes we even don't feel like doing them...

We cyber stalk our favorite bloggers because we adore their homes, their fancy recipes and the fact that their blog was started yesterday and already has over 50,000 subscribers.

How does that happen?

We may cry over our blog.

Both happy and sad tears.

Statistics and analytics have a major meaning to us. The better they are, the more we smile. 

We sacrifice our "me" time to share our stories, knowledge, recipes, research and more with the world. We also share our families faces and identities with the world...

fingers crossed you don't steal my photos. 

We wonder if someone will see us at the store and question whether or not we're living the life we write about on our blog. In other words, are we walking the walk or just talking the talk?

But hey, no one is perfect, I frequently forget my reusable totes at the store. 

Writer's block is real. 

In fact, this post today is brought to you by writer's block.

When we can't get a post up due to exhaustion, a baby crying, an unforeseen busy day or just the mere fact that we "need a break," we literally beat ourselves up that we let our readers down.

Yet, in actuality we know you forgive us for taking some "me" time.

Many of us dreamed of being about a writer but didn't ever believe it was possible.

Hello blogging...

Our blogs are our own corner of the world. They are our space of the Internet that is telling a story. Our blogs are our "baby" behind all of our biological, married and furry babies. Our blogs are our hearts on our sleeve. For some of us it's a goal and a dream that is always evolving and growing. 

We do what we do, because we love it. 

And we cherish each and every one of our readers. 

Thanks so much for reading my blog 

and for sharing my posts! 

Support a blogger and when you like what they write, 

share it with the world. #supportablogger

xoxo, Sasha

The Honest Company