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If there is one thing that I love to collect then it is natural, handmade soaps. I have a weakness for these bad boys because they always smell so great, look so beautiful and of course are much safer than any mainstream brand out there. 

Today I get to share a company with you that I hope you'll consider visiting as these soaps were created by a mom with a true purpose. After being diagnosed with autism, Trisha Bailey's son started attending therapy sessions where he was allowed to smell particular essential oils that were supposed to stimulate certain parts of his brain. Immediately becoming interested in the science behind that, Trisha Bailey started considering using these oils to create healthy products that could benefit everyone in so many ways. 

Mindful Soap Co.

creates handmade soaps and goat milk body creams that are loaded with healthy, non toxic ingredients, therapeutic essential oils, oats, honey and so much more. In other words, these products are purely divine in the sense that they are just that -- pure. 

I have had the pleasure of sampling some of these delicious soaps and I have to say that these soaps are just beautiful. The honey oatmeal soap is perhaps the most intricate and beautiful bar of soap I've ever seen. I feel like I'm staring at a gorgeous honey bee hive when I look at it and just the fact that there are real oats in there makes me hungry. 

For the lavender bloom and citrus splash soaps, the scents were actually not too overwhelming. You don't feel like you're covered in those scents, but rather just refreshed and clean with a hint of scent. The honey oatmeal is just divine and actually has a much different scent that you'd expect and then I personally am not a mint fan, so spearmint just wasn't for me. I've been using these soaps and absolutely love them. But really in my book, you can't go wrong with handmade soaps. 

Please consider visiting

Mindful Soaps Co.

to order some new soaps or body cream. Consider the health benefits that you'll be doing for yourself and your family just by switching out your hand soap (which I'm loving Lavender Bloom for right now). And what I absolutely love about this company, is that their full ingredient list is listed in great detail


Please check out Mindful Soap Co.


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What is your favorite scent in a soap?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

This is a sponsored post. Special thanks to Mindful Soaps for 

sending soaps my way. All opinions and reviews are honest and my own.

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