Comfrey Cream to Heal!

Today I get to introduce some very different products to you. Prior to this review I had never heard of comfrey cream, but today I get to share this wonderful product with you. According to

Genuinely Simple


comfrey is a plant rich in calcium, potassium, protein, vitamins A, C and B12. Within this plant is another super ingredient, Allantoin, which can aid in cell growth and bone strengthening while depressing inflammation. 

In other words, this product is great for sore muscles, stiff joints, pain in the joints and sprains. The lavender cream is definitely a favorite of mine as I just love the scent of it. The look and texture of the cream is quite interesting to me as it doesn't look like any type of cream I've seen before. In all honesty, it looks like it came straight from a plant. 

These creams are great to rub in and while they are a tad bit on the oilier side, the healing properties in it are wonderful. So many of us turn to Icy Hot and other products to help with stiff muscles, but we can actually see results with products like this. Funny thing is that this morning I ended up with a stiff neck and rubbed some cream in a little while ago. While the pain didn't just magically disappear, I can tell it is subsiding a bit. The cream was actually relieving in a way as I rubbed it in, somewhat as that same soothing relief from Icy Hot.

The lotion bars are another product that I have never seen before.

Have you ever seen a lotion bar?

I have never seen one and these were just almost too pretty to use! These bars also have some comfrey in them as well as other yummy ingredients. Lotion bars are great for people with rough and cracked skin --

you know

-- in your heels, elbows, knees and more. I don't know about you, but I hate seeing dry and cracked feet on other people!

Using a lotion bar definitely takes a little getting used to. In my opinion, it is definitely something that you'd use only for rough skin as rubbing the bar all over for just a general lotion experience takes a bit of work compared to using regular lotion. I think I definitely prefer regular lotion, but these bars are great for tough spots. I liked them for my elbows!

Make sure to visit

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and check out all of their great products. All of their products are handmade and GMO free. They pride themselves on being environmentally friendly while producing natural products that will give you all of the healing benefits that they should. Lastly, I love that this small company gives back; 10% of profits are donated to various charities.

I love that.

If the day comes where I ever had a business or a company, I'd give back to! I love this about Genuinely Simple and I love the mission of this company. Make sure to check them out and consider these handy little creams and bars for various presents and more!

What are your experiences with lotion bars?

Has anyone used comfrey cream before?

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Thanks to Genuinely Simple for sending these products over. 

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and reviews are honest and solely my own. 

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