Father's Day Gift Ideas


If your husband is like mine, he likes the occasional tie. My husband loves ties from Express because of the trendy appeal they have rather than the old "dad tie" appeal that other ties have. Even though he rarely has to wear them, he does love to occasionally get them (he's a fashion hoarder).

Skin Care Products:

Let's face it, men just don't really think about skin care. Many of them likely wash their face with the same soap that they washed their body with. And some men may really have some tough skin issues to tackle. Look for some fun natural skin care products such as the charcoal soap from

Bare Soaps

that can tackle blackheads and acne.


This is another easy gift to get dad. Rather if he's a fashion forward father like my baby daddy or whether he just likes your basic, everyday watch; a watch makes a great father's day gift. Make it extra special with an engraved backing.

Breakfast in Bed:

Who said only mamas want to receive breakfast in bed? I'm sure husband's would love the touch too. Have the kiddos bring in a tray of bacon, eggs and biscuits complete with their handmade gifts.

Coupon Booklet:

We know dad is usually the one to cut the grass, take out the trash and walk the dog. Involve the kids by creating a coupon booklet where he can redeem his coupons and let the kids (and yourself) handle his tasks.


Just about every man loves a good pocket knife or just about every hunter loves a new knife for skinning and cleaning

(ew gross)

. Find one that he wouldn't normally purchase for himself.

Dad's Stache:

Create a jar full of dad's favorite candies and call it dad's stache (or whatever you want to call it) and make that only HIS candy jar. That's right, even you can't open it!

Garden Seeds:

Perhaps dad's favorite snack is some good home grown tomatoes. Surprise him with some of his favorite garden veggies or fruits in a gardening pot. Help the kids plant it or prepare it in the pot for dad. 


My husband loves to read anything by Dave Ramsey or anything in the field of "saving and investing." Look for books that may catch your man's eye. Even if he rarely reads, a book may be a nice surprise. 

Children's Craft:

Make sure to take the time involve your kids. Set them up for some cute pictures, have them create a Pinterest worthy craft or ask them to hand make a card. Make sure to involve them in the process. Typically children are in school for Mother's Day which in most cases, provides them with an easy craft for mom that they made at school. Since they are out for summer time, don't let them forget dad.

So can you believe that even with this handy list, 

that I am still somewhat stumped on what all to do?

What are you planning for Father's Day?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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