Mama Made Baby Food: Apples and Carrots

This recipe was inspired by a Plum Organics baby food pouch after I purchased one on a whim for a vacation and discovered that my daughter loved it! I'm not quite sure I would have thought of this on my own; it is quite an awkward recipe if you ask me. 

If you think about it though, carrots have somewhat of a boring and bland taste alone. There is nothing too juicy about them or too sweet. Once you bring in some apples, you're able to sweeten them up and give them a whole new flavor. I have to also note that this is a full on organic recipe. Very rarely do all of my ingredients add up to be organic! :)

For this recipe I steamed for the amount of time that it would take for the carrots, which was 25 minutes in my Baby Brezza. This definitely didn't create any "beautiful" puree as some of the recipes on my blog do, but it did create a yummy recipe that my daughter is currently loving. I serve this for lunch and/or dinner and with a side of green beans, she's a happy baby.

I know our baby food making journey will be coming to a close soon as she is starting to feed herself more and more. I'm really starting to do quite a bit of table food and now that my husband will be working back here (he's been out of state for work) I know I will be cooking again and will be able to give her even more table food. It's hard sometimes because baby food is SO much cleaner and easier! I hate picking up the food she throws everywhere...

Ah, life of a toddler. 

What age did your baby stop eating baby food?
Thanks for reading, Sasha

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