Dear Child...

If I told you that I loved you every second of every day, it would not be enough. If I told you I loved you to the moon and back times infinity, somehow, it just still 


be enough. 

If I took in your scent each and every day, I might would still later forget it. So please don't mind me as I hold you closely and breathe in your precious, innocent scent. 

If I held your tiny hands in my hand every day, I'd still long to hold that same tiny hand again. One day I will want to have those chubby little fingers wrapped around mine just one last time. 

If I kissed your little piggies ten times a day, there's a good chance that I'd go to bed wanting to kiss them one last time. I'm not sure you realize just how adorable little piggies are.

Especially yours.

If I brushed your soft hair 100 times a day, I doubt it'd be able to even get any softer. Ten years from now I'll beg to run my fingers through your tangled, long locks.

If bathed you every day, there still wouldn't be enough bubbles to last for eternity. From bath bubbles to blowing bubbles, I hope they never fade away. Let's not pop the bubbles for they will only last so long. 

If I read you stories cuddled in my lap every night, there's a good chance that I'll beg to hold you close and read you some even when you're ten.

Don't mind me,

I'll even pick something other than "Good Night, I Love You."

If I kissed your tiny little lips every minute of every day, I'd still long to have my one last, sweet kiss from my little baby.

Remember this when you're eight and I drop you off to school one day. 

If I gave you Eskimo kisses once a day, I'm sure it wouldn't be enough. Eskimo kisses are our favorite, and mommy may just have steal them as you get older. 

If I built you a fort, no matter how bad of a fort it is, can we just stay there for forever?

If I made you laugh from an awesome game of peek a boo, then don't mind me if I continue to play that same game for hours.

That laugh is music to my ears. 

If we danced to Mickey Mouse and The Wiggles, then please my love, don't stop dancing.

If we sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider each and every day, please just remember that the sun will


come out and dry up all of the rain.

If we play at the playground today just promise me one thing...always zoom into my arms at the end of the slide.

If we pinky promised to be best friends forever and ever, please keep that promise. I know mama will (cross my heart...).

And lastly, if I hug you closely today and take in the warmth and pure joy of that hug...then just stay awhile. And ten years from now...please stay even longer.

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