Why Mama Needs Just 10 More Minutes...

Mama Needs 10 More Minutes

Because in case you didn't notice child, mom's hair is extremely oily. Do you remember the last time mama washed her hair? Yea, well mom doesn't remember either.

Because there are fresh baked cookies that mama was magically able to whip up during your nap. So if you give me ten minutes I'll make sure there are no cookies left for you to cry over. That's right kid, you can't have them but mama can.

Because the laundry doesn't wash it itself. And it sure as hell doesn't fold itself.

Because mama and daddy just need ten minutes. That's right kid; you're too young to know what that means, but really...just ten minutes please

Because your lunch is all over the kitchen and since you're incapable of picking up after yourself (okay so you're only one) then that means mama has to clean up your mess. Lord knows that takes much more than ten flippin' minutes.

Really, how does such a small person make such a big mess? 

Because my recorded episode of "Dancing With the Stars" isn't over yet. Look kid, don't come between me and Derek Hough. 

Because lunch time is mama time.

Because from what I remember, mama didn't cook for like the last week. So if you just give me ten minutes, I'll at least whip up a hot ham and cheese sandwich. 

Because the floor needs to be mopped and every time mom attempts to mop with you around I always fail at keeping you from busting your hump. Yes, that's an epic mom fail when she makes her own child slip and fall. Talk about major mom guilt.

Because mama is trying to purchase groceries on Amazon but since you're trying to hijack my phone there is no telling what the heck we'll end up with. Oh 20 rolls of toilet paper...great now where do I put that? Thanks kid. 

Because you only woke up 132 times last night. So if you just give me ten more minutes, there's a good chance I'll actually be able to function. Really? Who am I kidding?  Like you'd give just more ten more minutes of sleep...

Because mama needs just ten more minutes of being able to walk freely...without someone clinging to her legs.

Because mama bought ice cream at the grocery store. Yea that's right, be jealous.

Because mama started reading a really good parenting book about a year ago.

I mean, you do want me to know what the heck I'm doing right?

And finally, because mama needs just ten more minutes to stare at you napping so peacefully (and quietly). Ten minutes to take in your beauty, your innocence and your charm (and your brief moment of not crying). 

Because mama just needs ten more minutes to finish thanking God for you...


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