Little Bug: 11 Months

Dear Little Bug,
One more month and you're the big ONE.
I can't believe how fast time is passing. 
You are just something else little missy...
You are our whole world and the apple of our eyes!

Weight: 19 lbs 4oz
Height: 29 inches
Clothing Size: Mostly 12 Months

Loves: Reading books, bath time, playing outside, playing with your cousins, 
giving kisses, playing with laundry and playing with Mama and Dada.
You love just laying on the floor and chilling, especially if it's on a pile of warm laundry.

What You're Up to: Mostly the same -- this month you're also discovering how to try
and do things yourself. I've caught you trying to put your bib on, a shirt on, the dog's collar, 
my shoes and you also have tried to brush your own hair. You also love making raspberries 
with your lips and you love making funny sounds, especially if we do them back to you. 
You're starting to really try and discover how things work and you're one nosy little girl!
You love bothering Hunter while he's sleeping in the living room. You bring all of your toys
to him and put them on him and you lay with him. 

Words: Mama, Dada, Hi and Ayden
Teeth: Still just six teeth!

Likes: Clapping and laughing when Mama tells you "No," pulling all of your books
out and reading, trying to eat leaves and grass outside, going shopping with Mama, 
looking out of the car window, opening the kitchen drawer and playing with the towels, 
trying to get Mama's phone and the remote controls.

Dislikes: Not too many dislikes lately...
Occasionally you don't want to eat and sometimes you still hate diaper changes!
You also don't like wearing a bow in your hair which of course, Mama isn't happy about.

Food and Diapers: Still in cloth and still on Mommy's milk. You go through phases where you 
love eating solids and then other times it's a hassle to get you to eat. You do LOVE blueberry muffins for breakfast, you love to snack on cantaloupe and honeydew and you love avocado. 
You seem to enjoy feeding yourself and you have fed yourself a bit more this past month.

Sleep: Lately things have been pretty great! 
You wake 1-2 times a night and you take two naps a day totaling about 3-4 hours. 

Outings/Experience: You have done a few crafts with Mama, you've played outside a whole lot
the past month and you have played a lot at Pop and Gigi's while Mama has dance practice. 
Your new swing from Santa is finally up and you enjoy swinging in it. 
We really haven't gone anywhere new in the last month -- 
hmm maybe we'll go to some new places soon!

Next time we will be doing your big O-N-E post. 
We can't believe how big you are and how fast you're growing. 
We love you endlessly, 

Mama and Dada

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