Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

Draw a Picture

Ask your children to draw a photo that represents Earth Day or a photo of what Earth Day means to them. Have them describe the photo to you so that way it can create a conversation about Earth Day and the different ways that we can take care of the planet. 

Plant Something

Plant a seed, a flower, a tree or anything for that matter. Teach them about growing their own produce one day and talk about how trees are a vital part of our everyday life on this planet. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you already recycle, try to get them involved by having them find things around the house that can be recycled. Create a scavenger hunt of recyclable items around the home. Find something that can be reused, such as turning a soup can into a pretty pen holder. Create homemade toys out of reusable items such as toilet paper rolls, rags and more. 

Open the Windows

Leave the lights off, turn the A/C off and open the windows. Spring has sprung and fresh air is great for the home and can help get out nasty toxins that are trapped indoors as well as helping to save electricity. 

Visit the Zoo or the Park

Spend time outside taking in nature and enjoying the planet. 

Take a Hike

Find a beautiful park or trail to take a hike and have your children tag along (with a canteen of water and some trail mix). Stop and enjoy the flowers, scenery and trees. To make things even more exciting, bring along a book about trees to try and name as many trees as you can. 

Pick Flowers

Unfortunately fresh flowers are one of those things that we see only on special occasions. We seem to think of fresh flowers as $50 arrangements that are delivered in a glass vase, when really we can just simply walk outside and pick some fresh flowers (weeds and all) and add a little nature to our home. 

Find a Farm

Depending on where you live and your climate, there is a good chance that you can find some sort of farm or garden to take your children to. Whether it is a peach farm, a strawberry path or the old man down the road who grows a ton of veggies, take them to a place where they can learn more about gardening, soil, the earth and growing their own food. 

Read a Book

Obviously you should strive for a book that teaches the value of our planet and trees. A great book is "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss. This fabulous book teaches children about how industrializing and manufacturing can harm our planet by taking our trees, polluting our air and harming our wildlife and water life.

* These are wonderful things to do with your kids any and every day, not just on Earth Day! 

What can you add to the list?

Happy Earth Day

How are you celebrating today?

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