Cleaning Your Oven Without Toxic Cleaner

One of the

most toxic cleaning items

in your home is often your oven cleaner. Cleaning your oven is also one of the most dreaded tasks as it's a pain and the fumes are often nauseating. Many ingredients in oven cleaner, particularly sodium hydroxide (lye), can burn skin and eyes. Oven cleaners can create respiratory problems, swelling of the throat, gastrointestinal problems and much more. Additionally if oven cleaner is swallowed it can actually be quite fatal. 

Isn't that comforting when you have a nosy toddler running around opening cabinets and such? 

Quite frankly, if your household cleaner has a long, detailed list of the effects that can happen to your skin, eyes and more, then it probably isn't a great idea to use it. You will also see that in order to use common oven cleaners such as Easy Off, that you should have adequate ventilation and wear long gloves and wash your skin immediately if it gets on there. 

Yea, that just sounds like a good ole' dandy cleaner that I can't wait to use. 


There ARE natural alternatives to clean your oven. For one, you could spray your oven down with water and sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda on it. Leave it sit for a few hours and then wipe up and


(keep the oven off and repeat as needed). You can also scrub it with some soap and baking soda or just try a vinegar cleaning (using something like salt as an abrasive). 

Cleaning your oven naturally may require a tad bit more work and scrubbing on your part, but just knowing that it is healthier and NOT toxic is worth every bit of it. I've recently put off cleaning my oven for sake of just simply not wanting to, but I finally got around to it. 

Mommy's Club

sent me two amazing cleaners recently that I finally put to work and seen amazing results with. While it may not be as minimal as scrubbing down with baking soda, these are natural products with NO toxins and most of all, many uses! It is amazing how many different ways you can use these two products in your home. It can literally replace practically every cleaner you own! 

I used

Tough Stuff

to clean my oven and let me just tell you -  it worked. I saturated the oven with it and got to scrubbing with a scrubber and about 20 minutes later I was able to see a drastic difference. Since the previous renter before us didn't do a good job of cleaning it, I have a patch in the back that just won't budge. I plan on trying a baking soda paste on that soon. I finished the job with a spray down of


and called it a day. 

FYI: Those stubborn spots in the back did not come out even with Easy Off when I used it about a year ago.

I will soon try a baking soda paste on it.

I've also used

Tough Stuff

on a splatter of spaghetti sauce that got all over a new shirt of mine and it took the stains out. As for


, I have been using it non stop. I use it to wipe down countertops, the high chair, the floor after baby spills food and the bathroom counters. It is truly amazing that I can use this item to clean fruits and veggies and then turn around and wash laundry with it.

Who would have ever thought?

Oh and the orange scent is just down right amazing. 


can be used on the following: solid surfaces, metal surfaces, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, produce, jewelry, pots and pans, pets, windows, mirrors, floors, dishes, in the dishwasher and in the washing machine (the bottle tells you if it needs to be mixed with water for the different ways to use it). This is just an amazing product all around and I highly recommend this to anyone. 

Tough Stuff

can be used on concrete, asphalt, stainless steel, outdoor furniture, granite, countertops, grills, stains in clothes, tile and grout, stoves, ovens, vinyl siding, wood, grease, carpet, mold and mildew and more. 

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All of their products are:

What do you clean your ovens with?

As for me, that old bottle of Easy Off that I had is now a goner.

Thanks for reading, Sasha

A special thanks to Mommy's Club for sending their products my way. 

All reviews and opinions are honest and solely my own. 

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