How Safe is Your Soap? Go b.a.r.e.!

After making my switch to natural products I had quickly found a new favorite soap to replace the non-natural brand (Dove) that I was using before. I thought that no soap could now replace my new favorite, natural soap and I was sold on it, but I'm here typing today about some amazing new favorite soaps of mine! 

When it comes to soap, you just can't beat that handmade soap feeling. There is just something about a bar of handmade soap that feels extra special. From the looks to the scent and the DIY wrappers to the care that went into making it, there is just that extra something about handmade soap. Sometimes they are just too pretty to use and sometimes you just want to eat them because they smell so darn good. 

b.a.r.e. soaps

are USA, handmade soaps that are just purely divine and are free of synthetics and preservatives. They will smell up your mailbox upon delivery (I promise) and they will have your nose in scent heaven. Many of these scents are so delicious that you are almost tempted to take a bite (I know it's natural and all, but we probably shouldn't eat it) and the colors are so vivid and bright. Their soaps are so beautiful and delicate that you're almost tempted to just leave them out for scent and decoration, rather than use them for their true purpose. In addition to be being fabulous soaps, they also come in a plantable cover AND b.a.r.e. soaps gives back!

So how do these soaps hold up as "soaps?" Well, they are amazing and they do the job good! You will always get an amazing lather, a fresh scent and soft skin after bathing with these. The Sunshine Bar is a wonderful cleansing bar because the added touch of poppy seeds gives you that "scrubby," exfoliating feeling while bars like Cupid's Love (great for improving circulation) and Sunkissed (great for anxiety and insomnia) have a softer, gentle cleansing feeling. 

Lastly, I tried out the amazing and magical Starry Night. This black bar of soap has an amazing scent and is great for acne prone skin. The added touch of charcoal and can help pull out toxins, dirt and oil which will in turn help with acne and blackheads. I'm actually in the process of adding this one to my face routine! 

So why the need for "natural" soap? Well your health is obviously linked to your cleanness and considering that you have to clean your body regularly (I sure hope you do), the products you use should be natural and free of toxins. Did you know that

Dove soap

is considered to be on of the most toxic beauty care products out there? Just because something says pure, clean and/or even the word "natural," you still need to look at ingredients and do your little bit of research. 

While natural soap is sometimes a few dollars more, the bars are usually much larger in size and hold up a lot longer (this is very true as I have noticed this myself). And while natural soap may cost a $1-$2 more per bar, the results of clean, HEALTHY skin makes that worth it. It only takes around 26 seconds for the ingredients in your skin care products to reach your bloodstream. Why on Earth would we want toxins up in there? Many common soaps contain


, propylene glycol (found in anti freeze and adhesives), talc (commonly found in ovarian cancer tumors), formaldehyde (carcinogenic), and many, many more toxins. 

Since I bathe 1-2 times a day, I'd like to know that what I was bathing in wasn't toxic and carcinogenic. How about you? 

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What is your favorite brand of soap?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

Special thanks to b.a.r.e. soaps for sending me their products to review, 

all opinions and reviews are my honest and solely my own. 

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