Easy Ways to Enjoy Easter With Your Toddler

  • Plan your own Easter Egg Hunt
  • Create an Easter Craft
  • Dye Eggs With Whip Cream and Food Coloring {roll them around in the mixture and leave them sit in fridge overnight, rinse in the morning}
  • Paint Bunny Faces on Your Face
  • Pick Flowers
  • Read The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • Plan an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt
  • Bake Cookies or a Carrot Cake
  • Attend Church
  • Visit Someone With Pet Rabbits
  • Take Them to Take Pictures With the Local Easter Bunny
  • Read Guess How Much I Love You
  • Pray Together
  • Read Pat the Bunny
  • Serve Them Carrots on a Bunny Plate
  • Have a "Tea" Party With Their Stuffed Bunnies and Friends {complete with Easter attire}
  • Write a Note for the Bunny for Their First Easter {and have the Bunny write one back}
  • Have Them Leave Their Basket Out the Night Before
  • Go Outside and Enjoy the Spring!

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What Easter activity have you done together?

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter,  Sasha

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