Easter Craft Idea for Your Toddler

Deciding to do a craft with your toddler is pretty much like asking your husband to do the laundry -there's just no telling what will happen. I was determined that we'd do an Easter craft for my baby's first Easter, and of course since she's not even quite one years old, it was slightly eventful. 

When it comes to toddler crafts, a common go to is to incorporate the hands, feet and fingers by stamping them with ink and then smushing them down on paper (and crossing your fingers that the print comes out). If you've ever tried to take a toddler's hand print, you've probably discovered that the hope of actually getting the print on the first try is similar to hoping to getting knocked up on the first try.

It just doesn't always happen.

Despite the small hassle of taking a hand print and pulling craft pieces out of a toddler's mouth, this craft was actually a lot of fun for us to do together. After we took the hand prints, which became flowers, I let my daughter pick out foam pieces from our Easter foam set. As she picked them out I tried to show her how to press them on the paper;

let's just say maybe next year she'll get that part. 

I took all of the foam pieces that she chose (you know, the ones she was trying to eat) and placed them on the picture. Afterwards I added the touch of grass and leaves myself (which I now think would have been fun to do with her thumbprint instead). Once our picture was complete, I made up a silly story about the picture and would point to the bunnies and flowers while telling my story. 

I didn't know if I was wasting my time trying to create a story, but when I looked down and saw a smiling face that looked up so sweetly at me almost as if to say,

"thank you Mama,"

I knew then that the whole craft, the cheesy story and the paint that was on my paints, was all worth it. 

To see that little appreciate, loving smile and that sweet little sparkle in her eyes, I knew then that I did a good thing. I took the time to show her something new, something imaginative, something creative and most of all, something with me. That sweet little smile made it all so worth it. 

Share links below of your Easter/Spring crafts and I'll pin them!

Moments like this are sweet memories. Do you enjoy crafts with 

your little ones?

xoxo, Sasha

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