RLR for Cloth Diapers

Let's just face it - cloth diapers are little crap catchers that sometimes need a little TLC. Actually, all of the time they need TLC but truth be told, these little crap catchers hold up pretty darn good. 

You'd think that since all your baby does is poop and pee all day long, that your fluff would be nasty. As it turns out though, cloth diapers are made to handle it all and as long as you stick to a regular wash routine and some sunlight, then you're usually doing enough. 

Occasionally though, you may feel like your diapers are holding a tad bit of odor in them and you may notice that they aren't quite as bright as they once were. Winter comes and the sunlight disappears and the chance to "sun" your diapers to remove stains goes out the window. I won't lie, winter sucked for my diapers. Our inserts now have a few, light stains that won't go away and I blame that on our crazy winter we had. 

I received RLR originally to help with a little odor problem that I was having, but after talking to the lady of

Mom's Milk Boutique

who sent me the RLR, I actually discovered that it was something else causing the odor (I'll share this info in a separate post). I did what I was advised to do and my odor problem was fixed. However I still had this


to use, and decided that our fluff stash could use a little face lift. 

I used one ball of RLR for our whole stash, covers and all (one ball is recommended for 18-24 diapers). I probably should have used a little more, but I was afraid to. I chose to do all of the stash and made sure that they were all clean prior to using RLR. I put them in the wash with only the RLR and after one wash cycle (I did let them soak for about 1-2 hours), I did about four rinses and that was it.

Easy peasy. 

The results? Well our diapers came out a tad bit brighter and if there was any stink prior to the treatment, it took it out completely. No they don't necessarily look brand new, but how can they when a few have some stains? But overall, I was very pleased with the brighter look of our diapers and inserts; it feels like a fresh start! 

I would highly recommend trying this on your diapers and/or your whites at home. What I recommend even more is ordering through

Mom's Milk Boutique

for any of your natural parenting, fluff, etc... needs. They were a tremendous help to me prior to even sending me their product, something that they really didn't have to do. I am very grateful to all of the diaper advice they gave me. 

Make sure to check out

Mom's Milk Boutique

and make sure to brighten your stash with some RLR when the time feels right. 

Because sometimes, those crap catchers need a little extra TLC.

Special thanks to Mom's Milk Boutique for the RLR.

Even though this was sent to me, all opinions and reviews were honest and solely me own.

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What is your favorite way to treat your cloth diapers?

Fluffs away, Sasha

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